Do you like coffee? The guys from “The Blend Post” are back in Luino

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After animating Luino’s historic center during the winter, Loris Buffon and Michele Marmino, founders of “The Blend Post”, returned yesterday via Felice Cavallotti from 10 to 22at “Cavallotti Bistro”.

Where It is possible to taste a quality espresso but also a coffee obtained with various extraction methods well known abroadwhich can enhance the unique scents of Special coffeeterm used to indicate a coffee without defects, with a transparent supply chain and unique scents that benefit from a different roasting than the one we are used to.

Many Luines and foreign tourists who has decided to quit to taste the one sitting at the tables on the most picturesque street in the city by the lakehot or cold, or they have chosen to buy it to take with them to sip it by the lake.

A returnso, with many new features to begin with Coffee card suggestions for customers at the romantic restaurant “Cavallotti BistroIt was a unique opportunity to be able to choose or get advice on the coffee that best completes the gastronomic experience. Why settle for the “regular coffee” that often makes the palate bitter?

We are really proud and happy to have returned “home” to Cavallotti Bistro, the restaurant where we launched our project – says Michele Marmino -. In recent months, we have participated in traveling sporting events and more. What better opportunity than Saturdays in the summer in Luino to return to offer the many tourists the quality coffee that we continue to discover and choose during our travels? We are pleased to have been able to offer customers Cavallotti Bistro a Coffee card, a tool that allows you to choose your favorite coffee, which happens for example for wine, based on your taste. We must begin to give dignity to the drink among the most popular in the world. “

It was also an opportunity to get to know Experanto, the first specialty coffee dedicated to Lake Maggiore. A delicious and sweet coffee with an origin 100% Arabica, with hints of apricot, milk chocolate and red fruits, perfect to prepare even at home.

«For us, coffee is a universal good, which creates contacts between people, stimulates creativity and can be enjoyed by everyone. Experanto remembers Esperanto, the name of my grandfather who embodies the traditions of Lake Maggiore where we live and where our project started. Why the grandparents? Because they have always guided us in our lives, in the same way as coffee: a daily pleasure that makes us make the best decisions, he adds Loris Buffon.

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