Does the mocha coffee taste bad? Here are the reasons

The morning drink favored by Italians must be prepared with care and attention. What are the mistakes when making coffee

Coffee (Photo Pixabay)

Who loves coffee at any time of the day, he will also be able to appreciate it with a trained palate. So it’s likely that when faced with bad coffee, there’s the temptation to spit it out. Coffee, if prepared poorly, can take on an unnatural bitter taste burnt aftertaste and immediately an unhealthy feeling. This is because mistakes were made during the preparation of mocha. These can be accidental, for example if you forgot the machine on the fire, or structural, or those who prepare it repeatedly same mistake. And then you can give or receive gods afford for a better coffee.

Unfortunately, many people, especially if they usually “drown” the coffee with it sugar, they don’t realize how disgusting and unbalanced the prepared drink is. Of course, this is exclusive to suede, and generally of coffee that requires preparation. If you have a machine with capsules or capsules the risk of ending up in error is reduced, if you do not use too old water and pay attention to cleaning.

Mocha coffee, the mistakes that make it bad

mocha coffee mistakes not to make
Coffee (Photo Pixabay)

First of all, the first thing is to take care of suede yourself. Because it is, it should not be washed with detergent. The suede must be impregnated with the coffee flavor to be ready, to the point that if it is new, preparation is recommended two or three coffees and throw them away, just to “dirty” the machine. But it cleaning it is important. It must be rinsed thoroughly, especially near the filters, and cleaned even more thoroughly once a week to avoid the formation of obstructions caused by the remaining coffee powder.

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The second step, but not the least, is to pay attentionwater Used. As a basic rule, coffee should be prepared with the water you use for drinking. So if you use filtered tap water, or mineral, it must also be used for mocha. A bad taste water, or an excessive amount of lime does not improve the quality of the coffee. The suede must be prepared with the right amount of water, which does not exceed valveactually, better a few millimeters below.

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The mixture or beans must also be stored in refrigerator hermetically sealed. Coffee tends to absorb other odors and dry quickly, losing aroma. The coffee powder in the filter Not it must be pressed, and must fill the container without exaggerating but not the other way around. To end the fire phase. The flame, to prevent the coffee from burning, must be extinguished as soon as the mocha begins to bubble. The coffee comes out all a burn out. These are the secrets to preparing an excellent coffee.

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