Does Trieste know it’s the city of coffee? Or can we do more?

Coffee: what does this term mean for the people of Trieste? The city of Trieste has had a very close relationship with coffee for centuries. Italians, and Trieste in particular, are holders of a legacy that must be valued as a collective commodity, but they often seem unaware of it.

When we talk about “coffee”, we think in the popular imagination immediately of roasted beans, brown in color, more or less hemispherical, wrinkled by a line on its flat side, from which a magical drink is obtained. But it’s not just about this: not just an energizing and heartwarming drink, coffee is much more, it means value, culture, sharing and tradition. Trieste is recognized, also internationally, as the historic capital of espresso coffee. This recognition won with effort and passion, in three centuries of coffee tradition carried on by a lot of the supply chain that exists in the city, why it is important to maintain it, and to do so you have to renew but without ever forgetting your origin.

The reality we live in is subject to slow evolutions but also to continuous and sudden changes. Changes that must be accepted with awareness, so that our city continues to be perceived and recognized as Italy’s “coffee capital”. In short, we must continue to work hard every day, and have the ability to constantly renew ourselves so that the city retains its role.

The role of the city

So how can we ensure that Trieste retains its authority as an international coffee center? Not only the companies, but also the role of the inhabitants of Trieste becomes fundamental in this sense. We need to strengthen this process and thus regain our history, culture and image when it comes to the espresso coffee universe. The role of the new generations and beyond is important. Responsibilities that institutions and the media also have, which should look at coffee as a universe to be promoted, which is why we need a message of awareness and education in the subject. Young people should have the opportunity to “access” the rich coffee world, which can really provide a lot of satisfaction and a future to build ambitiously. So let’s learn to recognize what we drink, discover its origins and the hard work that lies in the wonderful mixture in our cup.


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