Dolce Gusto Lollo coffee compatible capsule

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2022-07-15 – Having the opportunity to taste an excellent Neapolitan coffee is a real must for those who love the drink and want to start the day with an energizing and at the same time incomparable mixture in the palate.

If you bought a car Sweet taste and you want to save money without losing anything in terms of quality, you can therefore choose our compatible capsules, which maintain an intense and persistent aroma inside them, which gives life to a greedy foam that remains on the surface throughout the test period and caresses the palate and leaves a sweet and delicious aftertaste.
You will therefore have the opportunity to save time and money, not necessarily having to go to the bar to taste a traditional coffee and at the same time enjoy a valid relationship between quality and price of each package.
Visit our website you can buy the product with free shipping costs over 40 euros.


If you have been lucky enough to taste a real Neapolitan coffee, you will know how its taste is very different from other blends consumed.
What changes is not only the intense taste, for which each cup retains its full aromatic tones without losing intensity, but above all the consistency, dense and creamy on the surface, with a light and delicate color, and more liquid and strong on the bottom. , to create a perfect mix between bitter and sweet that makes the mouth happy for several minutes.
Lollo Caffè is a brand that over the years has managed to conquer a wide range of customers, both in the professional and domestic sphere, by donating a handmade product made to perfection without demanding an excessive expenditure of money.
So let’s see what are the most important properties of the mixture and why it prefers over the others on the market, test the many variants that the manufacturer offers to satisfy the different target customers


Dolce Gusto Lollo Caffè-compatible capsules are ideal for all types of machines of this kind, from the latest to the oldest.
They fit perfectly inside and thanks to the mechanism, they release their aromas completely, which creates a product exactly the same as the original.
The aim is to create small moments of ecstasy and this is only possible if each element is perfectly balanced and can properly stimulate all the senses, starting from the sight and ending with the taste, passing through the sense of smell which in this case is stimulated by persistent odors. , which spreads in the environment and creates a comfortable comfort zone in the morning.
Each pack contains 16 capsules, to be chosen in the classic variant, the golden and the red.
What changes is precisely the intensity with which the notes are released, which remains in the palate for a few seconds more or less, to be modulated according to the time of day and the energy boost you want to get.
Dispense the coffee in the cup and enjoy the true essence of Naples for every taste.


To make an exceptional coffee with Dolce Gusto Lollo Caffè-compatible capsule, it was decided to properly balance all the aromas of the classic Arabica blend.
What is immediately perceived in the palate is the roasting of the bean, which is performed with traditional techniques so as not to lose anything in terms of taste, which gives a bitter background to a sweet and enveloping composition.
All the senses are stimulated, however, based on the vision that appreciates the color shade, black on the bottom and light brown on the surface, which corresponds to the different taste shades that gradually become more intense with each sip.
If you choose the classic variant, you will be able to count on a perfect balance between the sweet and the bitter component, without either of the two overriding the other and changing the balance.
If, on the other hand, you love a more decisive taste, then the red variant is the one that best suits your needs and leaves an aromatic aftertaste in the palate that lasts for a while.
On the contrary, the sensitive one is suitable for those who do not want to feel overwhelmed or accompany the coffee with different dishes, so that each retains his autonomy without contrasting the other.


Buying compatible capsules proves to be a decidedly convenient operation, saving money compared to the original variant but getting a coffee worth the bar.
On the site you will find all the wide range of variants available and you can choose the best one by first reading the functions that are specified in detail.
If you are curious to discover the differences between the classic, the intense and the delicate, then you can buy all the packaging and wrap them to always live a different experience depending on the time of day and the degree of recharging you need.
Dolce Gusto Lollo Caffè-compatible capsules are suitable for all machines in the line and offer a professional result both in the cup and in glass, including the possibility to make a delicious cappuccino if you have the right device to froth the milk, color it with some delicious coffee that if you were on the streets of Naples.
Take advantage of the campaign and taste the top cream with a dense and enveloping texture, and reach the bottom to capture all the bitterest tones that end the experience and make it complete in 360 degrees.

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