Drinking coffee is truly a “magical” ritual, but if you want it perfect, watch out for these 5 mistakes you should never make

For a perfect coffee like the one at the bar, you absolutely must avoid making these mistakes: only in this way will you do it in a crafty way.

Raise your hand if you do not refuel in the morning if you do not sip a cup of coffee first! A real sacred rite, to be performed in religious silence and only after completing the last drop can the day officially begin.

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If after many years and a very long list of rivals, it coffee is still in first place among those beverages More consumed through world there will be a reason. Whether it’s tall, slim, decaffeinated, macchiato or anything else does not matter, what really matters is the incredible use of perfume and aroma, which will be released throughout the house as soon as we start preparing it. Also, if you do not want to give up its taste even in this heat, know that you can also prepare it in a cold version, just as we suggested a few days ago.

These are the mistakes you should not make for a perfect coffee like al barbeque

Whether it is early in the morning, after lunch or in the middle of the afternoon, coffee will accompany us during our different moments of the day. There are those who prefer to just take it in the coffin and those who consider it appropriate to just do it at home with the classic mokan. But if you happen to be disappointed with the result and have had a not very tasty coffee, know that there are some basic rules to make it perfect.

perfect coffee
Delicious coffee. Credit. Adobe Stock

Although it may seem like a trivial thing to make a coffee, in reality it has very specific rules that must be respected. In this way you will be able to preserve all its natural taste and its unmistakable aroma. That is why there are some mistakes that you absolutely must not make if you want a coffee as good as the bar.

where first to knowis that coffee must also be perfectly preserved. Always store it in an airtight container and leave it in a cool and dry place. Also, if you have ever encountered one the coffee bag still closed but moistDo not use itthe coffee will have lost its vacuum and will consequently no longer have its original taste.

Also the water must be chosen with care, that of crane it will go well as long as it is free from chlorine and of course both drinkunless someone is good enough still bottled water.

Another very common mistake is to press the coffee when it has been placed in the funnel. It must never be done, leave the coffee free and you will see how the taste will change.

Last but not least, never wash suede with soap or dishwasher, especially those in aluminum only need a pass under running water and are immediately ready for use. Leave her dry outdoors and do not keep it still wet.

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