Drinking coffee on an empty stomach, what happens?

What are the consequences for our body of drinking coffee on an empty stomach? The experts talk, and if this happens, do so.

A woman drinking coffee (Pixabay)

Drink coffee on an empty stomach, tell the truth: you do it too and several times a day. This is a habit that is now well established in the daily routine of many people. Starts in the morning, when you might sip a cup of the black drink in a hurry before leaving the house.

Or drink coffee on an empty stomach in the middle of the morningwhen instead that space during the day is to be occupied by something that serves as a snack and satisfies the appetite until lunchtime.

Another time when many people usually drink coffee on an empty stomach is late in the afternoon, let’s say between 16.00 and 18.00. With a good coffee to serve as a break. But taking this drink without first putting something under your teeth is not recommended at all.

Drink coffee on an empty stomach, causes and consequences on the body

This is supported by experts in the food sector and various nutritionists, for whom the latest studies in the subject focus on what is the production of hydrochloric acid inside the stomach.

A cup of coffee on a desk
A cup of coffee on a desk (Pixabay)

This is due to the well-known caffeine. However, this substance attacks the mucous membranes of our digestive tract and causes it the well-known burns. From here to gastroesophageal reflux, ieThe step is short.

The same thing happens, however, if our daily choice falls on decaffeinated coffee. In fact, caffeine is just the main ingredient that causes all of this. But several others come into play, which have the same effect.

Incidentally, the same thing happens with smoking and alcohol abuse, and this absolutely unhealthy practice also seriously affects the function of other organs and parts of the body.

How to get rid of burning

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How, in this case with coffee, is it very helpful to eat something? It’s easy to say: eat, gastric juice will attack the food ingested, because it’s their job. And they will be absorbed by what has just ended up in the stomach.

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Another way to avoid heartburn after drinking coffee, if you really do not feel like eating a little, is to drink a glass of water. It is no coincidence that a cup of coffee is always accompanied by water at the bar. In fact, the latter dilutes the former and reduces combustion. If you do you will be able to get rid of the pain within a couple of days.

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