Dubai: inauguration of the first café serving exclusively dogs

A unique place has opened in Dubai: it is a cafe that only serves dogs (while the owners watch).

TO Dubai was opened a coffee that serves only dogs. It’s not a kind of Cat Cafe that was deflected in a dog version, but a real restaurant that only serves dogs, with owners who enthusiastically watch while Fido eats with gusto the steak that has just been served and cut into pieces.

The place is called Happy Bark Day and inaugurated in Business Bay by Korean nutritionist Hyunsuk Ku. It opened in December and is Dubai’s only pet – friendly restaurant.

Basically, the kitchen prepares nutritionally suitable meals and treats for dogs and cats. All food inside the room is for animals, not humans (who can at most benefit from a free self-service coffee machine).

Coffee dogs

Here the dogs sit at the tables with their owners and wait for them to be served meals prepared ad hoc by nutritionistcomplete with bowls of milk, racks full of sweets (obviously dog-sized, but that look reminiscent of the ones we eat) and plates full of steaks cut into pieces the moment they are served.

Obviously, there is no shortage birthday cakes to celebrate four-legged friends. Nutritionist Ku is 38 years old and comes from South Korea. She explained that in Korea there are many shops and places that sell sweets specially designed to feed pets. From there, she came up with the idea of ​​trying to open a similar place in Dubai.

Dog owners seem to love this place. They claim that it exists many restaurants for humans, but few for dogs. So it’s nice for them to have a nice restaurant that is exclusively dedicated to cats and dogs.

The bar offers one menu a rotation of delicacies cooked fresh every day: there are puppacinos of beef tail or chicken broth, puppy cakes based on beef, salmon and vegetables and trays of sweets for afternoon tea.

Dogs can sit on the benches and lean against the round tables to eat. A meal on Happy Bark Day costs between $ 10 and $ 20while birthday cakes cost $ 55.

Now everything is very nice, but it just turned the equation around. The owners declare that they want a restaurant where they can go with the dog as this is not possible in most places. And so far we are there. In addition to that in regular restaurants, even those where they accept dogs, the owner eats and the dog sits quietly under the table, without eating a meal with his human. Here, however, it is the dogs that eat, while the owners watch. So what changes? It’s not a meal together, one is always there to watch the other eat.

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