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Sensors that smell the quality of coffee beans, like an expert nose, and machines in networks in the cloud for better use and to reduce energy and environmental costs. Even behind a cup of coffee you can hide one complex technology, which completes the coffee ritual and makes it increasingly sustainable. Having a cup of coffee is a gesture that we do every day, to pamper ourselves but also to give us the energy that allows us to face a day of commitments and work. And in the office, the coffee break is also an opportunity to relax for a few minutes and have a chat with colleagues.

Innovation in a cup
Drinking an espresso is therefore not just a drink like any other, but a social gesture, and those who work in the sector know it well: this is why the research aims to improve this experience further and improve the production chain and the use of the beans produced in the plantations, respecting their properties and the environment. Innovations in the sector multiply and often escape the consumer’s eye, because they happen “behind the scenes”, but some are recognized by the palate, with a direct impact on what is served at a bar counter or at a restaurant table. The Cimbali Group has 110 years of experience in professional espresso coffee machines and has for some years put sustainability at the center of its work: Internal and external stimuli have led us to identify sustainability as a strategic asset and we have implemented a series of measures with precise benchmarks, because what can be measured can be improved, he explains Maurizio Tursini, Chief Product & Technology Officer. For example, we calculate the degree of recyclability of our products and the percentage of recycled material they contain, to give us development targets.

An “electronic nose” that certifies the quality
The innovations push in an environmentally friendly direction in other respects as well, such as the “Electronic nose”, which received “Smau Innovation Award 2021“. Smau, Office of Machinery and Equipment Exhibition, which saw its first edition in 1964.Electronic nose“A system with three sensors Nasys able to “breathe” the air in the grinder dispenser container and capture the volatile components, which are converted into electrical signals. The data obtained can then be compared with those in the cloud and check which mixture is in the machine, among those previously registered. A useful mechanism to trace the product from the plantation to the cup, but also to control its freshness and encourage baristas and restaurateurs to use coffee beans deliberately, improving their taste, adjusting the grind, temperature and pressure to get the desired result.

Intelligent coffee machines: this is how you save on consumption
where M200on the other hand, the latest addition to the Cimbali family and a model of coffee machine that wants to break down power consumption, at a time when bills are one of the biggest concerns for businesses. The introduction of an independent boiler heater allows the initial heating consumption to be reduced by 40%, which is what is needed to bring the machine from cold to ready for use. Another help comes from artificial intelligence: machines can be connected to the network to monitor their use and identify moments of low productivity during the day, where energy can be saved. But that’s not all: a smart switch connects the machine to the mains and, again via the cloud, suggests the barista turn it off at certain times, or it does it automatically.

The coffee


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