Espresso coffee: raises cholesterol, but especially in men, says a study

According to a study, the type of coffee that is drunk raises cholesterol in different ways depending on gender: for men it is espresso coffee, for women it is American.

The study recently published in Open Heart magazine speaks for itself: the espresso coffee increases cholesterolbut it does so mainly in men. On the other hand, American-style coffee, the long one, to be clear, tends to increase it more in women.

According to researchers, the worst type of coffee in terms of heart health depends on gender: in men, espresso causes the highest cholesterol levels, while in women it is long coffee.

The study involved more than 20 thousand people in Norway: it seems that only the coffee prepared with the coffee maker did not register significant differences between the two sexes. In fact, certain chemicals found in coffee such as diterpener can increase blood cholesterol levels. Experts, however, stop the slight alarms: if you drink one or two coffees a day, nothing happens.

remove coffee

remove coffee

The team of researchers from Arctic University UiT in Norway looked at what happened at the blood level and cholesterol prepare four different types of coffee:

Participants were asked how many coffees they drank per day and what type they preferred. Then their blood was taken. Analyzes have shown that people who drink 3-5 espresso drinks per day have a significantly higher risk of having higher cholesterol levels in the blood than those who drank less.

However, the size of the increase differed depending on gender: espresso coffee increased cholesterol by 0.16 mmol / L in men, while it was only 0.09 mmol / L in women.

What a worry filtered coffeeDrinking six or more cups did not increase cholesterol levels in men, but in women it did: we are talking about 0.11 mmol / L. For coffee brewed with a coffeemaker, on the other hand, cholesterol levels increased by 0.3 mmol / L for women and 23 mmol / L for men, ie without significant differences. No increase, however, for those who drink instant coffee because this type of coffee contains few substances that can raise cholesterol.

According to experts, there is no clear explanation for these differences. It must also be said that it is possible that people who prefer one type of coffee instead of another, may also have it lifestyles different can affect cholesterol levels.

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