Ettore’s Espresso Bar, a Bugatti coffee

An indispensable ritual, the coffee is a moment of pure pleasure to be enjoyed comfortably seated at the table or, as the Italians love to do, by catching the cup resting on the bar counter on the fly. The same lightning fast shots that characterize the roar from Bugatti and which in London has sanctioned the birth of a new very special espresso bar.

The first Bugatti cafe opens in London

Ettore’s Espresso Bar, courtesy of HR Owen Bugatti

In the Mayfair district, in the HR Owen Bugatti showroom on Bruton Street, a few days ago the first coffee of the luxury car brand was inaugurated, which promises to be the most famous place in the city to enjoy a drink based on caffeine.

Called Ettore’s Espresso Bar in honor of the automaker’s founder. Present in the Automotive Hall of Fame, Ettore Isidoro Arco Bugatti was born in Milan surrounded by the world of art and architecture, thus shaping his vision of beauty and perfection. Designer and entrepreneur, in 1909 we owe Bugatti’s birth in France, where he had moved a few years earlier to build the first Tipo models together with Baron De Dietrich.

The owner of the car manufacturer has gone down in history for his ingenious inventions and flawless products such as bicycle frames, razors and many other accessories that he enjoyed designing and marketing.

The uniqueness of Ettore’s Espresso Bar

Ettore's Espresso Bar Bugatti London showroom

Ettore’s Espresso Bar London, courtesy of HR Owen Bugatti

The name of the new coffee point London thus recalls Ettore Bugatti’s persistence and ingenuity and indeed marks a small revolution for the London luxury retailers that host it.

HR Owen Bugattiwhich usually operates by invitation only, opens its doors to a select clientele, thanks to the inauguration of the cafe, it allows access to the drinking area to a wider audience.

L’Ettore’s Espresso Bar nestled among the latest Bugatti hypercars, surrounded by the showroom that includes the brand’s luxury furniture collections, as well as clothing and home accessories. An expert barista prepares the finest coffee blends using an Ausonia machine, the historic Italian brand of professional bar equipment.

Ettore’s Espresso Bar drink list


Ausonia coffee machine, courtesy HR Owen Bugatti

The menu includes espresso, cappuccino, different options of latte, macchiato, americano and even matte whitewidespread in Australia and prepared with a double ration of espresso and skimmed milk with a more fluid consistency than a traditional capsule.

The highlight is though The Ettore shot, an espresso served at the price of £50 in a special logo and carbon fiber cup. All customers who order it will have full access to the showroom lounge, will be able to observe the luxury cars and be told the story of the French marque by the expert staff.

Awaiting them is a rich display of merchandising with pens, caps, WHITE smart watches and a lounge with Bugatti armchairs made to measure in blue leather and carbon fiber (the same material used for luxury cars), along with works and sculptures that tell the story. and predict the future of the brand, conveying Ettore’s passion to all lovers of this milestone in the world car-.

Bugatti luxury car

Bugatti interior, courtesy Bugatti

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