Even Kate Hudson is in love with Italy, a passion for pasta and coffee: the photos from the holiday

Italian vacations for Kate Hudson: this year the star has chosen Italy as the destination for her summer vacation. Accompanied by her daughter, she went to discover the island of Capri and the Amalfi Coast, then made a stop in the capital. All immortalized with several shots on social media.

Hollywood stars love Italian beauties. Many of them have chosen Italy as their destination this year summer vacation, which passes from the art cities to the coasts, without forgetting the islands. Emma Roberts, Angelina Jolie, but also Russel Crowe and Kate Hudson. And only the actress, winner of the Golden Globe as Best Supporting Actress for Almost friends In 2001, she shared on social networks a series of photos showing how she discovers the peninsula together with daughter Rani Rose.

Kate Hudson makes a stop in Capri and the Amalfi Coast

In recent weeks, the actress has been in Italy, as evidenced by the photos on her Instagram profile. The first stop was island of capri, one of the most romantic and famous travel destinations even abroad. Together with little Rani Rose, born in 2018 from the relationship with her partner Danny Fujikawa, the star went to discover the island. She was first immortalized under one boat tripspent relaxing and sunbathing, then while he visited the characteristic little streets of Capriand allows himself to be surprised by the shop windows with his daughter.

Kate Hudson and daughter in Capri

Kate Hudson and daughter in Capri

After leaving the Isle of Capri, Kate Hudson left for Nerano, a small village that represents the meeting point between the Sorrento and Amalfi coasts. Here she is completely immersed not only in Italian beauties, but also in culinary traditions, with a lunch at the Lo Scoglio restaurant based on cherry tomatoes and mozzarella, typical of the area. The actress then shared a selfie with your friend Laurie Lynn Stark, this time one Positano. Together they had lunch on a fantastic terrace overlooking the sea. “Sometimes we just need some girl time,” wrote to accompany the shot.

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Kate Hudson discovers the beauty of Rome

After visiting a few places on the Amalfi Coast, Kate Hudson and her daughter went to Rome. As seen in the photos published on social media, they walk hand in hand through the streets of the capital to discover the stories and traditions of the Italian city that is the symbol of the world. The star was also immortalized while sip a coffee And he eats a plate of spaghetti with his daughter, in full Italian style.

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