“Excuse me, can you make us two coffee?” The story of Antonio and Fabrizia in the shadow of the abbot

“Excuse me, can you make us two coffees?”. The small bar, but really small, in the heart of the historic center of San Giovanni in Fiore, has in front of it one of the most important medieval monuments in Italy: The Florentine Monasteryfrom which the philosophical, cultural, spiritual experience of a monk that marked history, not only of the Middle Ages, began: Abbot Joachim of Fiorewhich Dante places in his paradise.

The small bar is run by a couple: Antoniojust over thirty years old, e.g Fabriziarecently married, who instead of leaving to seek a small fortune outside, they discover this “hole”, equip it, organize a small but beautiful bar. Everything in respect and harmony in the urban context The historic center of San Giovanni in Fiore.

“Excuse me, will you give us two coffees”? We take a seat at a table located two meters from the graveyard of Gioachimite Abbey.

After staying 40 minutes to drink coffee, talking and chatting with my young friend and coffee entrepreneur, Luigiwe ask to pay: “will be at least 5 euros“I say to Luigi. Also because the place is wonderful: you can feel the breath of mystery, the abbot’s sense of time and prophecyhis thought that inspired the great philosophers, the saints, even the rulers of the time and the following centuries. And then the amazing and impressive Abbeywhere austerity and solemnity prevail, in a play of light and silence that has no equal.

We are in a small square where everything smells of knowledgeof knowledge, of philosophy, of holiness. And there is a sun that burns and shines.

Excuse me how much do we pay?»The receipt arrives: 2.00 euros! “All inclusive?” Let’s ask. “Yes all inclusive” replies Antonio. I think to myself: even this fantastic vision? Even the time at the table?

Even the medieval charm that envelops and conquers everything? Yes, including all this adds up to two euros! CalabriaVisione is also this.

The lesson of Antonio and Fabrizia which stay here all day, sometimes they go into the night, perhaps ruined. A lesson for those who know that these are difficult times for all. A time of sacrifice, in order to one day enjoy the fruits. Since last year they have been trying, they and the other guys who chose this corner of the Middle Ages to not have to flee from Calabria. And it’s going well. All the clubs in the historic city center are run by young people welcoming and smiling. They believe in it, they insist, they want to win the challenge.


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