Extortion and abuse of the owner of Caffè Minotti in Frosinone, Ernesto Barile arrested

Owner of Minotti Bar was attacked on Christmas Eve, arrested Ernesto Barile. The investigating judge at the court in Frosinone issued in prison a preventive deprivation of liberty against the 40-year-old accused of personal injury and attempted extortion. The measure was requested by the prosecutor after the investigation of the Flying Squad.
On Christmas Eve Vincenzo MinottI, the sixty-year-old owner of the homonymous restaurant in via Marittima, fell victim to an attack inside his restaurant by Ernesto Barile who demanded large sums of money.

Immediately after the assault (after the assault, the man had to resort to hospital care) the entrepreneur, who together with his family had refused to submit to these extortion requests, non the night between 26 and 27 december, two heavy shop windows were smashed in its historic restaurant, which has always been a meeting place for young people and considered the city’s pride. The next day, with his trusted lawyer, the lawyer Giampiero Vellucci, Minotti went to Flying Squad’s office to file a lawsuit. At that time men under the order of CEO Flavio Genovesi the triggered investigations that culminated yesterday morning with the implementation of the measure for detention in prison.

The provision was notified to Regina Coeli Prison, where Barile because, for the events of last Christmas, he had violated house arrest. The man had been transferred to the Roman prison as the only one equipped with equipment for the disabled. Barile after a motorcycle accident suffered very serious injuries to an arm and amputation of a leg.

According to the investigations initiated by the agents of the mobile team, the 40-year-old went to Caffè Minotti in Viale Marittima on December 24 last year and demanded money. A request that had been forcefully rejected by the entrepreneur. And it was this refusal that triggered the violent discussion between the two. Minotti after the physical attack had been forced to hospitalize, Barile would have hit him in the face with a fist and caused a bruise in the eye.

But that’s not all: the hours after the attack, the site was the target of unknown people who smashed two of the shop windows. The mobile investigators would have established that the initiator of the raid would have been Ernesto Barile.

The men on the orders of the manager Flavio Genovesi were able to reconstruct what also happened thanks to the surveillance cameras installed inside the bar and along the road. The family’s lawyer, Giampiero Vellucci, is increasingly convinced that his client has undergone “a full-scale blackmail operation”.



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