Faemina is run by Dekton®, the coffee art in an exclusive concept created with Cosentino

Faemaa brand from Cimbali Group, chooses Cosentino materials to customize Faemina, the espresso machine designed for the home and small business.

The Faemina concept is powered by Dekton® – presented exclusively by reason of Milan Design Week 2022 at Cosentino City Milano – is a collaboration between Dekton® and Faema, two leading excellence in the reference sectors, to meet the needs of consumers looking for a coffee experience of superior quality, creating an even more exclusive product that can combine the essence of both brands in the best possible way. Thus was born Faemina driven by Dekton®a coffee machine that combines high-level performance with an exclusive and customizable design.

Faemina is a real design object: elegant in style and minimal in lines and geometric shapes. This machine combines wisely innovation and aestheticswhich offers a product that matches the standards of professional machines.

For customization, the shade of Dekton® Laurent and Natura18 by Cosentino. Laurent’s color palette, inspired by Port Laurent natural stone, consists of an intense dark brown background warmed by golden veins; while Natura18 is a lighter shade, characterized by a marbled pattern with gray veins that warm the creamy white background.

The choice of materials for adaptation was guided by Faema’s needs: to identify a product with unique properties in terms of resistance to heat, stains and scratches, properties that are all found in Dekton®making it one of the most durable and resilient surfaces on the market today.

As always, Cosentino is looking for new uses to test the properties of its surfaces. On this occasion, we decided to move away from the world of architecture to challenge Dekton’s versatility® with a device with stroke design“, he comments Roberto Franceschin, Country Manager Italy, Switzerland and Slovenia in the Cosentino Group. “Thanks to the collaboration with Faema we have broadened our horizons and created a unique and innovative piece of furniture.

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By working with a prestigious brand such as Cosentino, we can further beautify a machine designed for exclusive environments where the coffee ritual becomes a high-level coffee experience.“, he comments Luigi Morello, Strategic Marketing Director for Gruppo Cimbali. “Perhaps in the short term we will surprise you with a capsule collection, which will enrich the range of materials and colors that Faemina is available in, and give the consumer new opportunities for adaptation and color matching to the living room and kitchen environment, in line with the attention to detail that characterizes this machine, but I do not want to guess anything“.

The Faemina concept is powered by Dekton® will be exhibited at Cosentino City Milan throughout 2022 to offer showroom customers the opportunity to get to know and appreciate its technical and aesthetic properties.

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