Faenza, he put poison in his ex-wife’s coffee: “He wanted to make me disappear”

Threats like “I’ll break the door”, “do as I say or I’ll bury you alive”, “I’ll make you disappear”: phrases she allegedly heard repeated several times by her ex-husband Remigio Scarzani, the 48-year-old chef from Faenza charged with attempted murder accused of trying to poison the coffee served to the woman with a mixture of drugs in late summer 2021. Early yesterday afternoon, the woman, protected by lawyer Laerte Cenni, was called to testify in a closed courtroom in front of the criminal panel presided over by Judge Cecilia Calandra. Assistant prosecutor Cristina D’Aniello was also present.

Abuse and humiliation

A story, that of the aggrieved party, in which a terrifying sequence of harassment, assault and humiliation occurred that would have been committed by Scarzani starting in 2015. And 2015 is also the year in which, according to the intention of the example wife, the chef would have started a real cohabitation with another woman. “He had a parallel life that I knew nothing about,” the victim reported, just as neither would have known of the other’s existence.

A knot that had, however, come to a head when in 2017, the year of separation, Scarzani’s ex-wife noticed that a suspicious message arrived on the man’s mobile phone, had decided to save the number in her own address book to later contact the alleged lover and arrange a meeting. When the two met, a new, bitter surprise came: the other woman was pregnant.

The relationship continues

After the secret relationship ended, Scarzani had continued to attend to the ex-wife, who yesterday told the courtroom how, from 2018, the relationship between the two had deteriorated further: “He became more aggressive, he told me that I was his and that I just had to go to work and stay at home ». A house to which Scarzani did not have the keys, and thus it was the woman herself who made him enter, frightened by possible reactions: «Sometimes – he said – I did not let in him and he waited all night. I would find him in front of the door in the morning, when I went to work ».

A situation that would have dragged on even during the period of Covid quarantines, after which, however, the woman would have noticed a sudden change of attitude on the part of the ex-husband: — He started to become kinder, he often came and made me a cup of coffee with sugar.

It was the summer of last year, and at the same time the woman had started experiencing strange symptoms: fatigue, memory loss, limb and eye problems. The same symptoms, but more intense, she said, which were caused by a blood thinner taken regularly. And the traces of this drug, as well as of a vasodilator used by Scarzani, have been traced, mixed with sugar, inside the coffee cups. The contents were preserved by the woman, suspicious of some noises heard one morning behind the kitchen door, “as if she was smashing something”: hence the complaint presented to the Carabinieri of Brisighella on September 21, 2021 after consulting her doctor.

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