Fast start for the new editions of Bazzara books with the presence of well-known companies in the industry

Departure full of enthusiasm for new releases updated of the brothers’ books Bazzaraa few days after the launch of the new publishing project that sees the reprinting of the two books “Espresso coffee supply chain“and”The coffee tasting”, There are already many big names in partnership confirmed in support of the mission to spread the coffee culture. Indeed, both volumes will be enriched by new and interesting updates, attracting new sponsors.

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Books are always the subject of interest from many educational and informative realities, as well as the most important associations in the industry. One of the features that confirms the success of the two volumes is the presence of large companies as sponsors, large companies that have also, thanks to Bazzara’s books, maximized their visibility at 360 °. The successful publications about the world of coffee from the historic roastery have already been around the world, translated into several languages ​​and reprinted several times, which confirms the great success they have had and continue to have.

Among the many and important names that will appear in the reprints is also the well-reputed group IMA with its IMA Coffee Hub. Coffee Hub, consisting of the brands IMA Coffee Petroncini, IMA Coffee Packaging and IMA BFB, offers small and large coffee producers complete solutions for all process and product packaging phases. The company not only confirms its participation in the reissue of the two volumes, but has also requested exclusivity for the roaster sector on the “La Filiera del caffè espresso” volume.

CoffeeExperts by Andrea and Marco Bazzara

For twenty years Petroncini has always actively participated in Bazzara Caffè’s initiatives and here he has already communicated to Andrea Bazzara – Export sales manager of the roasting company who personally carries out the project – his presence to tell what concerns construction, management, operation and innovations in this sector.

Luca Giberti – IMA Coffee Petroncini Sales Director says: “We have always been close to Bazzara’s disclosure because it is not only a virtuous reality, but also because it is a very professional company and investing in culture is fundamental to us. Moreover, they work in a simple but effective way, thus involving, with their passion and professionalism, not only experts in the industry but also beginners.“.

Also confirmed the presence of Clubhouse, an important company that since 1992 has been engaged in the supply of porcelain roasting, from design to production. The well-known manufacturer of coffee cups, which supplies many of the most prestigious brands in the industry with its products, immediately communicated through its owner, Carlo Barbi, the connection to the reprints project and renews its interest in participating in an initiative that will bring its brand worldwide, and not only in Italy.

The same choice was made by another important company that has been making high quality espresso coffee machines since 1920, San Marco. In fact, CEO Roberto Nocera explained “to be very close to interesting initiatives like these and projects of a cultural nature related to the spread of coffee“.

Finally, we also remember Colombini Srl, leader in the production of industrial coffee grinding machines and grinders. It, too, immediately wanted to participate in the editorial initiative.

Also not to be forgotten are the big fairs and events; for example SigepDolce World Expo, the 44th International Exhibition of Ice Cream, Pastry, Artisan Bakery and Coffee to be held in January 2023. Both books will feature this important international event with its logo as a sponsor.

These are just a few of the many companies that have joined and continue to join Bazzara CoffeeBooks’ innovative publishing project. Indeed, the two updated volumes will devote plenty of space to all types of businesses in the industry: from packaging to coffee cups, from raw foodists to experts, from training schools to coffee machines and much more.

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