Ferrara, expensive energy reaches the cup of coffee: “But adjusting the price lists is a necessity”

We are in fourth place in Italy due to the burden of price increases on families. And price shortages are invading the patisseries

FERRARA. Some have already done so, others are about to do so and finally there are those who are trying to resist. We are talking about price increases, especially for the raw materials needed for the production of everything we find in a bar, coffee or patisserie. The topic is extremely relevant as newspapers and TV now talk about it all the time, with reference to products such as milk, butter, cheese and the like that have seen their price changes in the base by up to 90%.

The rankings. The ranking of the most expensive cities in terms of annual extra spending (from January 2021 to January 2022) in descending order of spending per average family made by the National Consumers Union, Ferrara sees in 4th place (the first is Bolzano and the last Perugia) with an annual increase of 1,469 euros against an annual inflation of 5.5%. The image that emerges in our reality is very explanatory.

From Cami coffee in Corso Martiri we are still resisting. “I do not know how long we will be able to continue,” he reports, “because the milk and my cappellacci have grown so much in cost that they have a significant impact on revenue, which is becoming increasingly minimal. To this we add the bills and we understand how difficult it is to manage ».

In the old days Giori café not far away but with a great parterre in the middle of the shadow of the castle Este we try to postpone the elevations as much as possible. “We have stuck to prices in 2007 – emphasizes the owner – but if we consider that the butter that previously cost 3.20 euros today has jumped to 7 and also milk and cheese have increased their costs, it is clear that this time we will be able to to avoid intervening ».

A few weeks ago, though chocolate, in via Cortevecchia, the price list has undergone a slight increase. «It’s 10 cents – they declare – and not for all products; Ordinary coffee remained unchanged, while macchiato, cappuccino and latte macchiato increased by 10 cents. Pastries have also undergone an increase because it mainly requires butter to do so and therefore we sell it individually, for 20 cents more than before; if you buy per kilo, on the other hand, it is 2 euros more. What has had further impact, however, are the real blood banknotes ».

The famous Orsatti bakery not only has it not made any increase but at the moment it does not foresee even one; but for them the main ingredient is flour.

Not so since then Foggy mug bar, not far from last Monday that he had to intervene on “espresso”: from 1.20 they have risen to 1.30 euros and so on all other products in the cafeteria that contain milk. «Those who do not increase – they report – will not live long; coffee has grown at the base by 90%, milk and butter have also increased, then we take two years of Covid which has affected sales and cost of employees as there are no incentives to meet the employer if he wants to stay in accordance with current regulations “three aspects of the same problem that make it very important for those who have to support themselves on their business”.

It is always very crowded there Pastries Dario by Corso Porta Reno, which for a week has been forced to adjust prices to the high cost of living. «We mainly offer pastries – they explain – and the empty one we try to leave at the same price while the filled one now costs 1.50. Customers understand the situation, but on the other hand, they say that what does not increase is their salaries and pensions ».

After the winter break Gelateria degli angeli di via Bologna reopened in January and immediately applied a general increase of almost 4% to ice cream, cakes and milkshakes, all milk-based products. «Despite this – says the owner – I manage to cover what I suffer and go to save the congestion; of course the profit decreased and in addition one of my employees resigned because he moved and now this new problem has also been added, which I will face by hiring a young trainee ».

Margherita Goberti



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