First “congregation of the rejected” in the province of Benevento at Caffè dell’Orto | NTR24.TV

The community of operators of “PFP. Personal Education Projects “and the Community Educational Pact of Benevento, together with the high school teachers involved in the same project, organized the first “Assembly of the Failed” in the province of Benevento.

The gathering will be held on Monday 12 September at Caffè dell’Orto, in via Marco da Benevento, starting at 18:30, and will be an opportunity to provide an evening of sharing and reflection to all those who fail and reflect on the phenomenon of to leave school early, which during the year of the pandemic has spread further.

In our country, over 12.7% of all young people between the ages of 18 and 24 do not have a high school diploma, while the European average is 9.7%. They are young people who will no longer have the tools to grow free, to grow without being manipulated and exploited by an economic and cultural system that tends more and more to unbridled liberalism and the division of the world’s population into super-rich and super-rich. poor. In most cases, it is precisely the rejected students who leave school and enter the circle that condemns them to poverty and the progressive loss of chances to live happily.

During these 24 months, millions of Italian students have experienced the deep discomfort of a distant school (the first to experience it since the beginning of republican history) and of a longer time at home, gradually losing interest in friendships and studies. Istat gives us a very clear picture of these sufferings: of 41 thousand students interviewed, 49% reported that they missed their schoolmates a lot; the presence of friends decreased for 50.5% of the students and at the same time the use of chat and social networks to communicate increased for more than 69.5% of the children. But inequality due to Covid has bitten the hips of fragile families in a more than obvious way for young people, so much so that around 30% reported seeing their family’s financial conditions worsen and 50.9% of students reported connection problems at home; for another half of the peers, however, no such inconveniences were noted.

Faced with these inequalities, unfortunately, the school did not discount and in the end the assessment of merit for the year 2021-2002 returned to being the traditional one, with a higher number of failures in the second year of high school than in the first year, with many failures, also came on based on the result of arithmetic calculations based on accumulated absence, in a year when the dynamics of the pandemic were so uncertain that no one, not even in the scientific world, could give a clear indication of the best preventive and protective systems with regard to management symptoms and presence/absence in the class. For all these reasons, but above all to encourage children not to give up on leaving school early, the evening organized for them and dedicated to them will represent a moment of sharing and reflection for all those who have had to deal with a refusal in recent years very complicated for the school world.

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