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Coffee culture is more than ever of global interest, of which Italy represents a reference for excellence. Nevertheless, if we ask the Italians what coffee is, few know how to answer correctly, going into the details of a product equal to wine in variety and aromas.

Not only: in this period of increase in the price of the cup (at the bar as at home) we know how to recognize and reward those who really offer a good espresso and don’t fall into whose trapto make it, lower the quality of the mixture offered or does it neglect the maintenance of the equipment which, if not cleaned, combines the taste of the espresso with an unpleasant aftertaste of rancidity?

where historic Florentine roastery company Mokaflorfor years it has offered many tools for those who want to know more about coffee and taste fine blends and single origins.

Espresso Academy logoStarting with education center Espresso Academy in via delle Torri 55 in Florence, which has been in business for over 13 years and has many branches abroad, the last one opened in China to promote the Italian coffee tradition. In addition to professionals, his courses are aimed at enthusiasts and those curious about the world of coffeewho often come from abroad and take advantage of a trip to Florence to combine a course with a holiday of art, history and good food.

On the women’s side

In 2015, CaffèLab was born, an online coffee laboratory that satisfies the coffee lover and the professional with blends and single origins, machines, accessories and books … everything needed to create excellent extractions, starting with a rich range of specialty coffees, i.e. coffee of the highest quality.

Some labels have a pink circle with the words “Woman coffee project“: They are the flagships of the roasting company which supports the foundation IWCA – International Women’s Coffee Alliance – Italythe Italian branch of the international association founded in 2003 with “theaims to support empowermentit is the conquest of self-awareness, of one’s potential and of one’s actions of women throughout the coffee supply chainwith the main focus on producing countries – explains Eleonora Bernini, export and marketing manager for Mokaflor-Caffelab -.

We want to give prominence and space to plantations run by women and their cafes and support women’s projects from a cultural, social, economic and employment point of view. We are proud to be among the seven founding members of a reality that wants to contribute to the spread of knowledge about quality coffee and help women along its entire supply chain ».

Get to know coffee

For acquire a first basic knowledge of coffeeEspresso Academy suggests to the curious and

enthusiasts a basic course of 2 hours with notions of botany, the properties of the most important

especially, the passages in the long supply chain to get to the characteristics of a good coffee and

a well-executed extraction, both in espresso and filter.

Registration will be free for the first 50 who request it; for them and for those who will contact the Academy later, it will be possible to take advantage of important discounts on all professional courses at the Espresso Academy, from latte art to professional tasting courses.

To do conscious choices and reward those who work with attention and respect (and perhaps become operators in the sector themselves); those who protect the environment and offer sustainable work, starting with women.

caffelab.it – ​​espressoacademy.it

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