FLUID, specialty coffee & sharing in Florence

FLUID, the cafeteria in Florence by Le Piantagioni del Caffè

How do you get a message to the customer? This is the question that every new sign asks itself before opening the door for the first time, after studying everything down to the smallest detail: the informal environment, the refined interior, the quality offer that suits everyone. Yet it is language that makes the difference: that it is fast, immediate, useful. Inclusive and effective. Talk to people, everyone, and not just a small circle of professionals and enthusiasts. As the strange case of the latest opening on the Florentine stage, a place that can appeal to the youngest, and more generally to people. The customer in the center, always. You can see it from the first places at the entrance to the left, leather pillows raised on a step that at first glance would look like a table, sockets for PC and mobile phones scattered everywhere, large tables to give the opportunity to stop to work or study and sip on something, and the long 6-meter counter that welcomes customers by placing them directly in front of the bartender. Called FLUID – special coffee & sharing and it is the first cafeteria to be open since then The coffee plantations from Livorno together with the company of IDEA Food & Beverage consulting. The same company that oversaw the re-profiling of Tuscan reality, a company that has made school in the coffee world and that has been able to keep up with the times, redesigned its appearance with white packaging where different figures appear, all colored: a few decisive and with warm tones which encourages tasting, dedicated to what the roasting team calls Specialty peoplethe coffee people.

FLUID, the cafeteria for Specialty People

That’s why FLUID – designed by Margstudio – it’s a cafeteria “for people”: a place that aims to educate consumers through joviality, lightness and even simplicity. By breaking down the barriers generated by a product that has many complexities, even in the interior: thanks to Modbar espresso machines from La Marzocco, which hide the mechanisms and leave only the extraction in sight, there is no longer any separation between barista and customer, ‘ there is nothing that separates them except the drink itself, which becomes the center of dialogue. The special coffee, to be exact, the selected, roasted and extracted according to necessary precautions, served with detailed explanations. Always retains the light-hearted tone and typical language of Millennials but above all of Generation Z, those born between the late 90s and 10s of the twenty-first millennium, who here can find an open, sincere and welcoming place. Where to enjoy a good espresso or a filter coffee, but above all to learn, find a different approach to black gold, free yourself from a series of clichés and rumors that for a long (too) long time have blocked the spread of a new coffee culture in Italy.

Discover the history of FLUID, a café in Florence

Florence, the capital of good coffee in Italy

We start from Florence, which again proves to be the capital of good coffee on the peninsula, a development that took place mainly thanks to Francesco Sanapo and his 4 cafés (the last one opened just over a month), in addition to schooling in the former convent Sant ‘Ambrogio, not to mention the signs born in recent years that have increasingly raised the bar in the city’s bars (think of Coffee Mantra, Simbiosi, Piansa, just to name a few). But then the goal is to open in Milan within a year, before moving on to other Italian places. “We have chosen this city because it is dynamic, curious, ready to take big steps forward”They commented Prunella Meschini, Iacopo Bargoni And Giuseppe Adelardi, founder of the project. “This is where we are sure that a new wave can start around single-plant coffee, around specialties and alternative extractions to espresso. ” The inauguration is on May 25, but the sign has already started to open softly for a month and customers seem to respond well: “We have already received a first proof: over 20% of the coffee sold during the inauguration phase was a specialty in filters“.

Discover the history of FLUID, a café in Florence

FLUID’s offer: espresso, filters, sandwiches, croissants and fermented products

The menu does not lack the classic espresso, which is available in different single origins, but it is the filter coffee that you now want to focus on (after all, it is also the most convivial drink, which should be shared and tasted together at the table). You drink a lot and good, but you also eat thanks to the collaboration between different professionals: no kitchen, the staff (very young and professional) here assemble the products, all of quality. Bread is from David Bedua reference to the Florentine white art, while the pastry takes care of the farce Bedussi of Brescia: you can choose from tasty croissants (also in the vegetarian version), sandwiches, fresh salads and vegan options, which can be combined with filters or an excellent kombucha fermented coffee-based drink made with the participation of Livebarrel’s creative brewery. The menu is constantly evolving – and still under construction – and cocktails studied by will be coming soon Oscar Quagliarinifor a quality aperitif a stone’s throw from Piazza Beccaria, a lively and lively area, perfect for a new and original sign like FLUID.

Discover the history of FLUID, a café in Florence

Is it time for a fourth wave of coffee?

A different café, also in the interior: no industrial style entirely in wood and steel as we saw in the premises that marked the third wave of coffee in Europe, without bright colors, pop, walls with drawings, neon signs and shelves full of packaging of coffee that immediately captures the customer’s attention. Another novelty, again to let the consumer be the main character: it solid, a station with chemex where you can extract the filter coffee yourself via the app after ordering. And who knows, maybe get passionate and then continue at home too … what is certain is that the so-called third wave – which also arrived in Italy, albeit with the necessary differences and boundaries that we have analyzed several times over the years – is approaching its end. Communication in the coffee world has reached a turning point, the language must change, become simpler, more direct, inclusive. We do not know for sure if Italian consumers will be ready to welcome a new way of thinking about coffee, but the new generations, free from prejudice and more sensitive to taste, will certainly know how to change cards on the table. Black gold is finally (and with difficulty) taking its place in the restaurant world and laying the foundations for a new revolution, the fourth, and this time Italy cannot afford to lag behind. We develop gradually, especially when we have a fascinating but also complicated cultural baggage like the tricolor, but without stopping. And a bar like FLUID can only be an example for everyone else who comes.

FLUID – specialty coffee & sharing – Florence – Borgo La Croce, 59 years old – facebook.com/fluidspecialty

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