For a perfect and creamy coffee with suede as in the bar, pay attention to the 10 all-too-common mistakes to avoid

We would all like to wake up in the morning with a perfect coffee like the one at the bar. Still, many continue to make mistakes that ruin the smell of espresso. Here are the ten mistakes to absolutely avoid. Coffee is loved by most Italians, but still many doubts and false myths circulate about this drink. Some of the misconceptions about coffee have to do with health: for example, many believe that it damages the teeth, while in fact it can even protect them. Other issues, however, concern the preparation of coffee at home. Is it possible to get a cream like the one at the bar? The answer is: yes and no. In fact, on the one hand, to get a creamy coffee, you need a pressure of at least 9 atmospheres, which can only be achieved with the machine. Suede does not reach this level. However, it can be fixed with the sugar trick. Let’s see how.

For a perfect and creamy coffee with suede as in the bar, pay attention to the 10 all-too-common mistakes to avoid

To get a delicious cremina, just pour a little sugar in a bowl and add the first drops of coffee rising in suede. Once you have put the coffee pot back on the heat, stir the sugar vigorously until you get a foam. Pour a teaspoon of this cream into the bottom of each cup and then add the rest of the coffee. However, this trick is not enough to prepare a perfect coffee. Also watch out for some very common mistakes.

  • Watch out for the mixture. The first mistake to avoid is choosing a low quality blend. For a delicious coffee, you obviously have to start with a good ingredient, even better if you grind the beans at home;
  • how to store coffee: secondly, it is actually important to store coffee in an airtight container. Otherwise, the beans or mixture oxidize and lose their flavor;
  • Water is also an important ingredient. The third mistake is to use tap water, especially if it is very rich in limestone. In fact, hard water can affect the taste of coffee. The solution is to choose mineral water, or to filter it from the tap;
  • Be careful not to skimp! Fourth, in fact, if we do not want a tasteless drink, we do not have to be stingy with the amount of coffee in the filter. But be careful, because error no. 5 use too much coffee;
  • Do not overdo the coffee Using too much coffee in the filter is also harmful. So how do you go about regulating yourself? To be exact, for a coffee with the perfect suede, you need to use 1 gram of coffee for every 10 grams of water.

Let’s now look at the last 5 errors

  • Never squeeze the coffee. It is wrong to squeeze coffee with a spoon. To distribute the mixture evenly, it is better to give the filter some light pressure;
  • the right amount of water. Also be careful not to overdo the water: the coffee maker must not be filled above the valve level. There is a risk that the mixture will come into contact with the water even before the suede is placed on the stove (make sure that the coffee does not rise properly). Also, the coffee may not be full-bodied;
  • the passage that many forget: the eighth mistake is actually very common and is about a section that must never be forgotten. As soon as the coffee has fermented, most people divide it into cups. Instead, you have to mix it while it is still in the moka pot. In fact, there is a difference between the first drops of coffee and the last ones rising. The former are certainly more aromatic. Mixing the coffee therefore serves to obtain a uniform taste;
  • there is no urgency: watch out for the flame, which must necessarily be low. Anyone who wants a tasty and fragrant coffee can absolutely not cheat on time;
  • finally, no more waste. In fact, there is one last serious mistake that many people make after enjoying coffee: throwing the swamp in the trash! Instead of wasting this treasure trove of valuable nutrients, we can turn them into a greedy and inexpensive dessert.


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