Forced closure of Caffè Diaz frequented by criminals

The case

Commissioner’s decision after the violence of 11 August The Moroccan national accused of attempted murder was present in the room

Provision for the suspension of the license for seven days for Caffè Diaz, located in the square of the same name in the city center, on the basis of the prior art. 100 of the Public Safety Laws Consolidated Act.

This was decided yesterday morning by the commissioner of Lecco Ottavio Aragona after the very serious episode that occurred on the night of August 11 last year and which ended up in prison a 33-year-old Moroccan citizen, resident of the city, accused of attempted murder.

The motivations

The commissioner’s decision stems from the fact that the perpetrator was inside the premises shortly before. In a subsequent control in the public exercise, the agents of the State Police at the police headquarters in Lecco also found the presence of a man affected by a verbal warning issued by the same commissioner, which is still ongoing, together with other people with many former relatives, the judiciary and the police .

In the light of the investigations carried out by the police investigators, the place was therefore considered to be the usual meeting place and reference point for affected persons – which was also previously found during checks carried out by state police personnel – which confirms, for the police, a meeting place for people whose behavior is considered dangerous to the public order and security.

The last

It was just after midnight on August 11 when the Moroccan national walked along the street that descends from the station towards the city center, after leaving Caffè Diaz. On the way he met a 46-year-old Togolese. The result would be a discussion that soon degenerated into a physical confrontation. Both would have been in an intoxicated state.

In a first phase of the fight, there would have been reciprocity in the blows given and received, then the Togolese national had fallen to the ground and at that time suffered from his rival many and violent kicks and blows also to the head. At the end of the battle, the Moroccan was sent away, leaving the African national on the tarmac. Hospitalized under code yellow, the Togolese had been transferred to the intensive care unit as his condition had been assessed as much more serious after the blows to the head.

The arrest

The following morning, the Moroccan national, who was wearing roughly the same clothes as the night before, as shown by the images from the municipal video surveillance system immediately checked by the police, was arrested for attempted murder, arrest approved by the judge of the preliminary investigation of the court of Lecco Nora Lisa Passoni on Saturday 13 August, with deprivation of liberty in prison. Still on the issue of security, the commissioner has in recent days issued five verbal notices and one-year urban area bans against as many people whose behavior was deemed dangerous to public order.



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