Franco in Lello’s footsteps, Silvia returns to Caffè Vulcano

Several important events will be at the center of the new episodes of a place in the Sunwhich will return to air on Rai 3 after a two-week hiatus for the summer holidays.

The soap opera will be broadcast Monday 29 August and the previews of the episodes airing up to Friday, September 2 reveal it Franco Boschi will follow in Lello Valsano’s footsteps. Silvia Meanwhile, Graziani will return to Caffè Vulcano, where he will make a bad discovery.

A Place in the Sun, Advances from August 29 to September 2: Viola and Susanna make the neighbors worry

The advance of a place in the Sun, regarding the new episodes being broadcast from Monday August 29 to Friday September 2 on Rai 3 they reveal that panic and much excitement will break out at the Palazzo Palladini.

All families will be shocked: Viola and Susanna, in fact they will worry the residents of the Posillipo Bay condominium. Everyone will hope that their health conditions improve, so much so that they can return to each other shortly.

Meanwhile, Franco he will not give up so easily and with Nunzio’s help he will decide to look for clues about the danger Lello Valsano. Unfortunately, someone else with the same goal risks putting a spoke in the wheel.

Franco intends to find Lello’s hiding place

In the episodes of Un posto al sole airing from August 29 to September 2, Niko will make a disturbing decision, while Franco will ask for the cooperation of a helper to search Lello’s hideout.

Filippo and Serena, meanwhile, return to Naples after a stay in Maratea. Here, Sartori and his wife will still be unaware that there is an unexpected surprise waiting for them at the Palazzo Palladini.

HopeMeanwhile, he will understand that he has not received his father’s attention after discovering the true health conditions of the buffaloes.

Meanwhile, Franco and Damiano will become more and more determined to capture Lello Valsano.

Upas: Silvia returns to Caffè Vulcano

At the same time, the relationship between Manuela and Niko it will start to creak more and more. In fact, Micaela’s twin will reproach the young Poggi for engaging in some rather questionable behavior.

Silvia returns to Caffè Vulcano, where it will appear very shaky. In fact, Rossella will tell her mother about the dramatic events that took place a few days earlier at the Palazzo Palladini.


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