Frankie Capone’s new single tastes like “Caipirinha e Caffè”, with retro sound with a retro taste

Summer atmosphere and Latin sound for the new single by Frankie Capone, which will be released next July 23. A fresh piece, with South American sounds that, as the title suggests, “Caipirinha and Caffè”, tells of a travel experience in Brazil, in Baia do Sancho, a corner of paradise far from the hustle and bustle of Carioca’s capital. The single, written by Concept Torrisi to the music composed by Frankie Capone, in collaboration with Salvatore Finocchiaro and Toni Ranno, and recorded in StudiOtto, promises to make everyone dance to the disturbing melodies in a retro-flavored samba.

“The song was born from the desire to tell about the wonderful days spent in Baia do Sancho with my friend Concept Torrisi – says Frankie Capone – We immersed ourselves in the local atmosphere, imbued with the typical samba sounds, and when we returned to Italy decided to write a song to relive those moments. We wanted to recreate the samban and the Brazilian magic but in Italian. The song is called “Caipirinha and coffee” because both drinks represent Brazil “. Following the success of “Sottovento”, a declaration of love for Aci Castello and Acitrezza, Frankie Capone and Concepts Torrisi return to celebrate another place, this time far from their homeland, but also imbued with positive energy. The song will be accompanied by the official video.

“Last year the single was about places that are very dear to me, close to me – explains Frankie Capone – This time we are moving to Brazil. I am a traveler. I love meeting new cultures and as a musician I like to immerse myself in it. local music culture and bring my own. It is an exchange from which new sounds are born, rich in nuances and energy ”.

Beaches, palm trees, music, fun. In the story a picture of celebration, dances, oscillating bodies and erotic movements with a taste of caipirinha and coffee. An engaging atmosphere, typical of Brazil, its people and its culture. Crooner Frankie Capone, who boasts collaborations with the likes of Gianni Bella, Mario Biondi and Gigi Finizio and is much appreciated abroad, especially in Dubai, is preparing to present the new single, in preview, on Sunday, July 24, at Piazza Castello , in Aci Castello, on the occasion of the second edition of the historical performance “A roundabout by the sea” which between the 50s and 70s represented the beating heart of nightlife throughout the province of Catania.

“I’m happy to present Caipirinha and Caffè during this event that represents me a lot. I invite everyone to the Piazza Castello on Sunday 24 July – Capone continues – The musical genre I do also represents me a lot because I really live my life in retro style. in many ways. In a way, mine is a life in black and white. “


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