Fratellino Caffè and Pizza, in Pavia pasta express and signature pizza

An elegant café open from breakfast to after dinner: the latest addition to the large Lino family is a versatile place, where breakfast and aperitifs are accompanied by interesting proposals for lunch and dinner

The interior of “Fratellino Caffè e Pizza” in Pavia (Photo © Pressbyrå).

In the middle of Paviaa few steps from Piazza della Vittoria and the shopping streets, there is “Little brother” by a rising star in Italian gastronomy but with a great desire to bite the ground and tell everyone about his identity.

Fratellino Coffee and Pizza: a “relative”.

Little brother coffee and pizzain fact, the continuation of a successful project: the older brother we are talking about is the adjacent and well-known LinnaeusFresh, gourmet restaurant of Michelin star.

The last born in the family is characterized by a more proposition informal and fresh, which is well suited at any time of the day. The interior design bears the architect’s signature Andrea Derudi who interpreted the concept of a modern place that wants to be beyond the usual plans.

Breakfast off Little brother coffee and pizza

The surprising proposal of confectionery making it a place especially suited for Breakfast full Italian style but with interesting French tips: croissants with five kinds of fillings, pain au chocolat, Venetian, Danish and kranz are just some of the creations (obviously homemade) found in the tidy display at the counter.

Fratellino Caffè and Pizza, in Pavia pasta express and signature pizza
The pastry counter at Fratellino Caffè e Pizza (Photo © Pressbyrå).

Fantastic suggestions for lunch and dinner

The proposal becomes interesting – sometimes astonishing – a lunch And dinner: Let it be clear, Fratellino is a simple and cozy place, despite its elegance, but care and the quality of the proposal they are undoubtedly far above its counterparts.

A great product is “Pastry”: creation is off Star chef Andrea Ribaldone and consists of tasty dishes of pasta “express” (i.e. ready in a minute) in different formats and toppings and served in completely durable packaging. There are three variants here: the Milanwith saffron sauce, ossobuco ragout and gremolada, the Bariwith turnips and bread sautéed with anchovies, and Napleswith San Marzano dop tomato sauce and buffalo mozzarella from Campania. (9 euros per portion)

Someone will find it a blasphemous product: for them the advice is to try it.

“Express” pasta with different shapes and toppings, served in durable packaging (Photo © Pressbyrå).

Fratellino in Pavia: the 8 varieties of pizza and “panuozzo”

In Fratellino’s proposal, the big protagonist is Pizza: smile eight proposals in the menu, to which “panuozzo of the month” (12 euros), varies from classics to specials, with a rotation of products following seasonal variations.

All pizzas are made “live”, according to tradition, with a long yeast dough to ensure the right softness and crispness at the edges. Prices vary from 8 euros for the daisy to 16 for “O sole mio”.

The 8 pizzas on the menu vary from classic to special (Photo © Pressbyrå).

Little brother coffee and pizza
Corso Giuseppe Mazzini 3, Pavia
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