From 8 families with disabilities and 5 companies was born “Caffè Salato”, the foundation that deals with “after us”

A cycle of free meetings on the legal instruments provided by the legislation, a legal help desk for families, training for voluntary support administrators, services and assistance to help build the future of people with disabilities. These are just some of the first initiatives that the Caffè Salato Foundation is preparing to implement in the coming weeks, and which were announced last Friday during the event “After us? We! “Was held at the Refettorio San Domenico in Forlì for the official presentation of the newborn foundation formed on the initiative of CavaRei Impresa Sociale together with eight families from Forlì with disabled children or relatives and five for-profit companies in the area (Cosmogas, Dorelan, Estados Caffè) , Gencom and Poderi dal Nespoli).

“Our goal is to become a point of reference in Forlì and throughout Romagna on the subject During and after us for families, institutions, companies and the third sector,” explained Maurizia Squarzi, President of CavaRei Social Cooperatives and Promoter of the project. “Caffè Salato Foundation is another CavaRei dream that is coming true to provide answers to all the people we welcome to our premises every day and who need someone to take care of them even when parents and relatives can no longer do so. First and foremost, we involved families in this process, and together with them we built a tool that can enable them today, and together with reliable experts, to think about their children’s future. In fact, we believe that After Us must be built under and together ”.

VIDEO – Caffè Salato Foundation is born

“There is a strong need for families to receive support” under us “and in the construction of” after us “- explained the president of the Caffè Salato Foundation, Donatella Buratti -: a scenario in which parents and relatives are disoriented and ask not to be left alone. The Caffè Salato Foundation was created to respond in a qualified way to these needs. So that the future no longer scares. And it will do so with activities, designed and implemented also with other realities, both public and private, that affect the different aspects that have to do with people’s independence, well-being and social life “.

Among the first activities of the Caffè Salato Foundation is the activation of the legal advice desk handled by the lawyer. Francesca Vitulo (Family Law Expert) to help families identify the most appropriate legal tools to implement the Under and After Us project. The desk will be active in CavaRei’s headquarters, via Bazzoli 8 in the Cava district, where the foundation will also be in this first phase.

A cycle of three free meetings dedicated to topics such as legal capacity, asset management tools, tailor-made projects is also planned between late April and early May (for info:

Among the first initiatives that the Caffè Salato Foundation is preparing to support is also the CavaRei “Home In & Out” project supported by UniCredit, which aims to expand the housing capacity of the Appartamento di CavaRei Group via Maceri Malta in Forlì. respond to the ever-increasing demands while promoting paths for greater autonomy for disabled guests in this structure, with an accompanying path also based on the gradual introduction of specific technologies “.

“We are proud to be an active part of the implementation of the Home In & Out project, together with Cavarei Cooperative – underlined Livio Stellati, Head of Territorial Development Center North UniCredit -. In this activity we recognize a strong social impact for the present and , in this case, also and above all for the future of the communities in which we operate. This is in line with our group’s commitment to support the territory also in terms of solidarity initiatives. We do this through donations in support of Cavarei Cooperative and specific initiatives such as the Carta Etica Fund, which from 2005 to today have enabled us to allocate over € 29 million to support more than 1,100 local initiatives throughout Italy, projects of social benefit in response to the most urgent needs of communities: crisis management , support for disability, initiatives for children, women, the elderly and other realities in difficulty or in serious need.This is our way of winning, together, in the right way”.

Great attention was paid to the event “After us? We! “Also of the regional and municipal institutions, present on the scene at the opening of the procedure:” Salato Coffee Foundation – underlined the regional vice president Elly Schlein – is a community meeting, with the qualified experience of CavaRei, for local businesses, to families: a good example of how we can work together in the area. The Emilia-Romagna region supports these realities with conviction, especially since 2017 when we have equipped ourselves with the tools to implement the law “After us” and “Under us”: with this in mind, we integrate 5, 8 million euros from the national fund to support the future of non-self-sufficient people. The most sincere happiness of the new foundation: this adventure will further enhance the ability of this territory to take care of the future of its most vulnerable citizens ”.

Forlì municipality could not help but support this extraordinary initiative – comments Rosaria Tassinari, municipal councilor for welfare and family – our attention has always been focused on promoting the “After us” culture and promoting well-being and autonomy for vulnerable and disabled people. From this point of view, planning and protecting their future are configured as priority elements for building a society that is increasingly supportive and based on the values ​​of reciprocity, respect and social inclusion. “


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