From a waste sink is born a lid for a new coffee grinder: the symbiosis between Delta srl ​​​​and the Simonelli Group – Picchio News

Two companies from the Marche region, Delta srl ​​and Simonelli Group, they collaborate in the field of “sustainable manufacturing” which is the basis of Marlic (Marche Applied Research Laboratory for Innovative Composites), a project co-financed by the Marche region.

Delta srl ​​​​​​is a company that has gained thirty years of experience and strong competence in manufacturing of composite materials, also thanks to its own R&D laboratory focused on the study of these materials in addition to the shaping of manufactured articles. A synergistic activity was therefore created with another company in the Marche region, The Simonelli Groupprecisely by moving in that perspective of mutual support, exchange, interaction.

Simonelli Group, a company at the forefront of espresso machine manufacturing, aims to constant product innovation thanks to continuous research in the technological field, which has also led the company to collaborate with universities and research institutions.

Delta’s waste material has become a resource, a new raw material for the Simonelli Group. Above all begins from the floor in a colander in a waste sinkit is obtained by material to make the lid of a coffee grinder.

And again from some waste material from Delta products, a new item was created to accompany a professional coffee machine. The difficulty in this circumstance was cutting a very resistant and hard material.

The transition to a circular economy represents one of the pillars of the European Commission’s policy, which resulted in the adoption of an action plan precisely aimed at accelerating Europe’s transformation, promoting a type of sustainable economic growth, where what is radically changing is the model of production and consumption.

These will actually involve aspects like sharing, reuse, reconditioning, rexisting materials and products, which means that they live for a longer time. It is therefore intended to shatter the logic based on use and favor extending the life cycle of products as long as possible, making them, where possible, a resource for a new economic cycle when its original function has ceased. : the materials. a product is made of can become a new raw material for other products.

Delta srl ​​moves by drawing one double lane: on the one hand by establishing collaborations with other partner companies, on the other hand by carrying out studies to create eco-sustainable products based on industrial waste.

Simonelli Group delivered to Delta a mold to enable casting tests with the new green composite materialsfor the manufacture of bodies for professional coffee machines.

In particular, they have been formulated green recipes with recycled ingredients which replaced the original virgin raw materials. These green recipes were used to obtain the structural walls of the Simonelli Group coffee machines, which made it possible a fully restored body.

The results of the collaboration between Delta and the Simonelli Group are two examples of the possibilities that arise from what can in fact be defined industrial symbiosiswhere the waste material, the result of one company’s production, does not end its life cycle by becoming waste, but returns to the production cycle, becoming a resource, raw material for the production of another company.

Virtuous synergies that clearly require study, experimentation, the persistence typical of those who research and drive to overcome the inevitable obstacles, to arrive at a fully satisfactory end result.

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