From coffee to sunbeds, prices in Naples: “Record increases and wages in smoke”

where price rush continues and the effects on the budgets of Neapolitan families are potentially catastrophic. The rate of inflation is growing until it reaches levels never reached since 1986. Holidays are a luxury for many Neapolitans and even a Sunday on the beach in the city can result in a blow of 200 euros. The most worrying aspect is that no one can predict if and when the rise in prices will end. The consequences of the cost of living are not spared and inflation is particularly noticeable in the weakest families.

The main culprits at high prices are, among others energy products, with an increase in household users that Istat estimates at 81 percent in one year for electricity and 46 percent for gas. The consequences of the increase in transport are even more devastating, with petrol reaching up to 2.30 euros per liter in the city. The expensive energy is released precisely on basic necessities, ie the food that families buy almost every day. The total cost of a Sunday spent on the beach, for those who choose not to leave the city, almost doubled compared to a year ago. The price of a beach umbrella and two sun loungers in a bathhouse has increased by around 40 percent. For a couple with 2 children, the final bill for a day is between 150 and 200 euros.

Average wages, at the current inflation rate, risk being pulverized. The increase in the proportion of mortgages and loans granted by banks is also intended to affect the reduction in wages in the coming months. The total effect of the cost of living on household budgets was estimated by the National Consumer Union on an annual basis. In Naples, the annual inflation of 6.6 percent – latest Istat figure for the month of May – translated into an increase of 1335 euros for a family of 2 people. In addition, this is an approximate figure by default, as the trend forecasts for Istat for the following month indicate a further increase in inflation. In this case, the annual forecast is an increase of 1580 euros for a core of 2 people and over 2000 euros for a family of 4.

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The result is obvious. For a worker who receives an average salary of around EUR 1,500 per month, inflation on an annual basis determines the loss of one and a half months. “We are proposing tax-free contract increases,” explains Secretary-General Uil Giovanni Sgambati – based on public contracts. In addition, an intervention on the tax wedge for workers ». The price of basic necessities will rise again. “For food, we have seen an increase of 15 percent compared to last year – emphasizes Fipe’s leaders Massimo Di Porzio – and above all, it seems that the rise in prices is constant ». The reduction in VAT on essential products is the measure that Confesercenti invokes. “It is necessary to reduce costs,” said the regional president Vincenzo Schiavo – and it is inconceivable that people continue to earn what they earned 10 years ago ”.


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