From the bean (the specialty) to the cup: Cafezal’s flagship in Milan

In 500 square meters design you will find roasting, space for courses, cafeteria with kitchen by Eugenio Roncoroni and soon space for coworking and for an exclusive “coffee speakeasy”

Much more than a cafe. As proof that the research bar for many (not one) quality coffees is also being raised in Belpaese, there is a truly unique Milanese space in the city’s panorama, and indeed nationally. This is the second point of sale for Cafezal, the creature of Brazilian engineer Carlos Bitencourt, among the first to open a specialty café in Milan, 2017 in via Solferino. But this is a different story: in Viale Premuda, a very lively area 15 minutes walk from the center, a frying with 15 kg machine (it will soon be joined by the “little one” who has worked in via Solferino until now), a local design with cobalt blue walls and the brand’s signature palm designed by architect Barbara Zanetti and something more.


The café selection is extremely wide and the coffee is selected thanks to the contacts from the owner who travels to South America to personally select them on the plantation (but not only Brazil or South America you will surely find). Single and double espresso (1.5 and 2.5 euros), espresso with two single origins (from 3 euros for double) and premium (5 euros), cappuccino, Flat White, filter (from 5 to 8 euros), ibrik, Cold Brew, Cascara, Cold Brew Tonic and Espresso Tonice. There is also a still rare (for Italy) Nitro coffee machine (6 euros), cold nitrogen coffee with a foam that looks like a Guinness.

The machine that dominates the counter is a limitless and very elegant one Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Maverick which performs the extraction in Pure Brew, a special type of filtered coffee (4 euros), in addition to espresso. One corner of the counter is dedicated mixology with cocktails with (Cold Brew Negroni, Coffe Margarita, Coffee Tiki) or without coffee.
Among the features is the screen that at the bar lets the customer see the temperature and pressure values ​​for the water as he prepares his espresso to entice him to ask the barista for explanations about the extraction.

Interesting is alsofood offer (there is a partially open kitchen thanks to a small window) created by Eugenio Roncoroni, co-owner of the three Al Mercato Milanesi. In the foreground breakfast with international classics such as the Acai Bowl, poached eggs on toast, sandwiches and potato salad and some more local suggestions such as schnitzel and salads.


Raising the bar was said, and started with the end customer. That also as a result of the pandemic closures and having to boil and get coffee at home has started to become curious and read on. And today he does not always return to the bar, but often with new needs.

The space adjacent to the fryingseparated by a glass and in which the coffee will be roasted for sale (e-commerce and in store), is dedicated to courses. Designed both for total beginners who want to know more (and for them the range grows, from Lady Café to Ditta Artigianale Carducci; here the basic course costs 15 euros) and for professionals in the sector who will find high-level courses led by a Q Grader expert , certified by Specialty Coffee Association.

In the basement there is one under preparation collaboration space “Designed for freelancers who travel the coffee and food world and who will find themselves working with people with similar interests” and a club for members only “a kind speakeasy coffeewith an annual fee and the opportunity to drink very special origins, ”explains Carlos.

The coffee factory

Open carpetthaw in the evening and seven days a week, Cafezal (Portuguese term indicating coffee plantations) “wants to be a place for tasting, cultural training, trade and gathering around the theme Special coffee in all its forms. “There will be meetings with specialist growers and barista masters from all over the world.

“Cafezal Coffee Hub – explains Bitencourt – is primarily a roasting company, a place where the coffee culture can be felt in every corner. But it is also a beautiful place, where you can spend moments of leisure or work on trying a high quality coffee, in the name of knowledge of this incredible world “.

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