From the cafe where Luigi Einaudi used to read to Fenoglio’s favorite stop, Turin talks about its historical sites –

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On Saturday, October 1, hotels, restaurants, patisseries, patisseries and cafes will open their doors to reveal anecdotes, recipes and brilliant visitors

Laboratories that have written the excellence of taste and small jewels of pastries, furniture that stops time and places that have hosted the protagonists of our country’s history. Italy’s historic sites, hotels, restaurants, patisseries, patisseries and cafes, symbol of catering and hospitality made in Italy which on Saturday 1 October opens its doors to reveal anecdotes, recipes and brilliant acquaintances to visitors and spectators. They must have at least 70 years of history and must preserve original rooms and furniture (or in any case that testify to the origin of the place), but also present relics, memories and historical documentation of illustrious events and frequentations.

Organized by the Association of Historic Sites in Italy, the National Day is an event spread throughout the Italian territory which, for the 2022 edition, crowns Turin as the capital of memorabilityprotagonist of the calendar with 13 (out of 90) scheduled initiatives, which are flanked by the 5 events planned in the rest of the region.

During the day, in the capital it will be possible to discover the secrets of statesmen and ministers of the Risorgimento who visited the Caff Del Cambio, see yourself at Albergo Ristorante San Giors, like a merchant from the past, or sit at Caff Platti, where Luigi Einaudi read. There is no shortage of pills for literature lovers, who will be able to relive the suggestions of Umberto Eco’s The Prague Cemetery within the walls of Caff Al Bicerin, or take a trip outside the province to explore one of Fenoglio’s favorite stops, the patisserie Converso in Bra (Cuneo), or have lunch at the Corona restaurant in San Sebastiano Curone (Alessandria) in D’Annunzio’s footsteps. And if, again in Turin, the pastry shop Baratti & Milano echoes the memory of Mascagni, the restaurant Antico Porto di Savona counts Luis Sepulveda, Nanni Moretti and Raoul Bova among its jet-set customers.

Among the paladins of the palate, Pasticceria Pfatisch, which for the occasion will offer a tasting of its spreadable creams, the inventor of sandwiches, Caff Mulassano, Giuseppe Carpano’s Caff Elena with vermouth, Gelateria Pepino 1884 with Pinguino ice creams and Stratta patisserie with its gianduiotti. On the other hand, a detour to the province to make a stop in the kingdom of peanuts, Caffetteria Bonfante di Chivasso, and in San Giorgio Canavese to taste the biscuits of the duchess of Roletti’s patisserie in 1896. sweet suggestions from Barberi’s patisserie in Valenza (Alessandria), meliga and Monregalesi pastries with rum from the cafe-patisserie Grigolon in Mondov (Cuneo) and gourmet bruschetta from the Caff delle Rose Bistrot in Verbania.

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