Gardening with a coffee capsule: the result is amazing

The new way of working in the garden with just a coffee capsule. You will get really juicy fruit. Results to shout!

Coffee Capsules – Picture from Pixabay

Who loves gardening he also generally likes to experiment with all types of cultivation and enjoys cultivating different plant varieties.

It is many cultivation methodssuch as the classic cultivation in pots, the one in whole soil, the cultivation in greenhouses and the one in hydroculture.

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In short, the methods of cultivation are really many, but some may seem really strange and certainly unexpected.

One of them is to use coffee capsules to be able to eat fruits, such as an apple.

How to grow an apple in a coffee capsule

colorful coffee capsules gardening
coffee capsules – Picture from Pixabay

Lovers of gardeninglet’s see how to grow one apple in one coffee capsule. First you need one Apple.

You need a fairly ripe apple to take its seeds from. Once the seeds have been collected, they only need to be rinsed with running water.

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Now it’s time to use the coffee. You can also take capsules or coffee capsules already in use, to reduce the waste and reuse the waste.

Now you can use tweezers or a knife to make an incision in the wafer and insert a seed from the apple.

The seed should be planted at approx 1 cm deep into the coffee. To insert it at the right depth, we can make a hole with a finger and with a small pizza insert the seed into the tub.

Now you have to put the capsule in a container with a lid and moisten it slightly. Now we need to find the right place to place the wafer.

We will need a place where enough will come lightas long as the sun’s rays do not reach the future plant directly.

After a few days you will see the first sprout come out of the coffee and in just one week you will be able to see the first leaves on your little apple tree.

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After about twenty days, you will see a beautiful apple plant that needs to be transplanted into a larger pot. In addition, it will be fertilized during the hottest and coldest periods.

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