Goppion Caffè: the perfect mix for tiramisu is sweet

This was decreed by the Tiramisu Academy during the evening dedicated to the discovery of roasting

The perfect coffee for tiramisu? It’s Dolce, the historic Goppion Caffè blend. This was decided by the Tiramisu Academy, a cultural and food and wine association which, inspired by the principles of historical-cultural-gastronomic disclosure, aims to inform about the real geographical origin and the authentic ingredients of the traditional recipe of one of the best known and beloved desserts in the world. Consisting of three Arabica origins selected from Honduras, Brazil and Ethiopia and a small percentage of Robusta coffee from the Indonesian island of Flores, Dolce perfectly matches the flavors of tiramisu thanks to an intense and velvety taste, a full body and a very light acidity. . Its pleasant aftertaste of cocoa and ripe fruit and its long stay with notes of milk chocolate finally make it the right mix for a perfectly made tiramisu.

“We are proud of this choice – he explains Paola Goppio, communications and marketing manager of the historic roastery Preganziol (Treviso) – and for the fact that our Dolce is the perfect coffee for tiramisu. The one between dessert and our mix is ​​a perfect marriage, all from Treviso: it is actually in the capital of Marca that, in the 19th century, the dessert celebrated all over the world was born. And it is also in Treviso that the story of our roasting begins, when in 1948 the two brothers Angelo and Giovanni buy the small Torrefazione Trevigiana Caffè, a brand to which the name Fratelli Goppion will be added later”.

“Our association – continues Tiziano Taffarello, president of the Tiramisù Academy – is proud and proud of the collaboration with Goppion, a company intimately linked to the Treviso area. Business culture and quality are synergies that further the progress and excellence of this place in the world. After careful evaluation, we have found that the smooth and velvety taste of Dolce makes it the perfect coffee for tiramisu according to Treviso’s traditional recipe.

The announcement was made during the evening L’Aroma della Città on Thursday 22 September, where the public could visit the roastery and taste the tiramisu prepared with Dolce. The event was organized as part of the 2022 Capital of Business Culture – Assindustria project in Padua, Treviso, Venice, Rovigo.

The Dolce jar, the first blend born in the Goppion house in 1948, is a tribute to Venice, a place that more than any other bears witness to the passage of coffee from East to West. It was precisely from this city that coffee spread throughout the world: the fragrant beans arrived in the capital of the Serenissima at the end of the 16th century thanks to spice traders from the East. The agreement with the Veneto Regional Museum Directorate allows Goppion to use two paintings by landscape painter Francesco Guardi in Dolce packaging and thus tell a piece of coffee history. In Guardi’s paintings there are portraits of Venice, the city of the first great cafes in Piazza San Marco, to which we owe a lot for the spread of this drink around the world.

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