Goppion: coffee is just a click away with the new subscription

An innovative, convenient and adaptable service, designed to offer consumers the pleasure of drinking a real Italian espresso at home as in the bar or with suede, to choose from different mixtures: this is the idea behind new subscription service designed by Goppion coffee for their customers.
The historic roastery based in Preganziol, in the Treviso area, has expanded e-commerce on its website by presenting a new proposal for enthusiasts and customers interested in buying both capsules and ground coffee. It is a subscription service that gives members access to promotional packages which provides a 10% discount% for coffee delivery every four weeks And 8% every eight weeks. The subscription thus allows you to save and customize orders thanks to a wide range of products. The quantities and delivery time can be selected on the pages for the individual references.
To satisfy all tastes, in fact Domestic, decaffeinated, valuable and aromatic capsulestogether with packages of 250 grams Of Arabica blend, ground decaffeinated, ground original, ground gold quality and the praised Ja.Bl.Moalso in grain versions.
The service was also designed to have one greater continuity in delivery frequency: by subscribing to the Goppion Caffè website, customers can choose the products and during which periods they will receive them at home, and all benefit from the discounts reserved for them.
“The idea of ​​offering this service – he explains Paola Goppion, communications and marketing manager for Goppion Caffè – was born because coffee is an established habit, it’s the gesture with which we start our days and why not definitely get rid of the problem of not having it at home? The advantage of the subscription is first and foremost that you do not have to remember the purchase of the coffee and then, by registering, you get a direct discount: the shorter the delivery time, the greater the convenience. The subscription is flexible according to the individual customer’s needs, it can be canceled at any time and allows you to take home all the quality of Goppion coffee ”.

To subscribe to the service and for more information, visit the website

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