Green, urban decor and civic feeling at the center of the third “café with Katia” in the bar “L’officina” in via Anguissola

bar office

PIACENZA – Care of the lawn and planning of pruning, more controls on the speed of the cars passing via XXI Aprile, contrast to situations of deterioration – with particular attention to the abandonment of waste – and protection of public peace: these are some of the most important subjects as the mayor Tarasconi noticed yesterday morning, in the bar “L’officina” in via Anguissola, by the citizens who took the opportunity with the third meeting for “coffee with Katia”.

“If I am to find a common thread between the questions that emerged from today’s meeting – pointing out – I would say it is about civic sense and respect for the rules of civil coexistence; a recurring theme in the words I heard this morning, whether it is the surroundings of one’s home or more generally the district as a whole, from Borgotrebbia to the Barriera Torino area. I received not only requests for intervention from the residents, but also the appeal to promote initiatives that promote greater awareness of proper behavior and maintenance of urban decorum”.

Of particular interest has been the proposal, relaunched by Katia Tarasconi this morning as well, to activate a new neighborhood group, to give the reports more immediacy and organicity. “I am very pleased – remarks the mayor – note that these public meetings are also an opportunity to create a new network of relationships between people who live a short distance from each other, perhaps without knowing each other, thus reinforcing the experiences of active citizenship and everyone’s commitment to care of territory and common goods: never as in these cases is the Union really strength. It was also very touching to hear a Ukrainian lady’s gratitude to the Piacenza community for the warm welcome to her family, with a special mention to Paolo Rebecchi from Anpas and Davide Tacchini from Ippogrifo: as mayor I do. us proud and happy to know that those who need help always find an outstretched hand here”.

From the arrangement of roads and sidewalks to the protection of cycle paths from improperly parked cars, to the request for new tree planting, “This time too – Tarasconi concludes – I returned to the office with lots of notes to share with the skills councils. As always, I thank the owners of the venue that hosted us and all the people who attended”.

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