Guglielmo coffee factory fire, an investigation into the fraudulent matrix is ​​being investigated

It can be off malicious origin of the fire that broke out at dawn outside the “Caffè Guglielmo” roastery in Copanello di Staletti, in the Catanzaro area. The causes of the fire are being investigated the specialists from the fire brigade and carabinieri.

According to what has been learned, the origin of the trigger has not yet been determinedbut in circles close to the investigation it is believed unlikely to be a random or natural case.

The solidarity of institutions and politics

The fire that developed outside the “Guglielmo” roastery. it evoked a range of reactions and messages of solidarityarrived in the last few hours from the institutional world and from local, regional and national politics.

“The flames that broke out in the area around the Guglielmo Caffè factory have dealt a heavy blow to a great entrepreneurial reality in the area to which our deepest closeness goes”. This said the mayor of Catanzaro, Nicola Fiorita also on behalf of the entire municipal council. “Fortunately – he continues – the damage caused by the fire will not prevent the company from continuing its activities, the hope is that the police will be able to find out as soon as possible the reasons for what happened and the perpetrators if the intentional nature was verified. At Guglielmo Caffè – he concludes – we express a sincere encouragement to move forward and interpret the feelings of the whole society ».

Also the chairman of the region Roberto Occhiuto and his advice they express closeness to the company. «The regional council is close to the company Guglielmo Caffè, which suffered a fire last night in the Copanello factories. Solidarity and a great encouragement to a Calabrian brand known all over the world. Let them be ascertain any liabilities as soon as possible”.

“I express my deep closeness and solidarity with the owners and employees of the Caffè Guglielmo establishment, overwhelmed by a fire, the causes of which are not yet known”. This was stated in a note, Deputy Paolo Parentela, who adds: «I hope that the houses of the dramatic episode will soon be determined and that any persons responsible will be identified, if it were of a deliberate nature. Caffè Guglielmo – he adds – is a symbol of Catanzaro and is a company that brings employment and prestige to the territory, with an important offer that cannot be underestimated. I therefore believe that all institutions – concludes Parentela – must support and protect the affected business, with all possible efforts ».

«It pains me deeply to hear about the fifty-first attack on the roasting company “Caffè Guglielmo” in Calabria. The flames that this morning enveloped the facility located in the territory of Catanzaro they would actually have everything the taste of the malicious actalso expected the company’s past, in crime for some time”. He states that in a note The Lega member elected to the south Massimo Casanova against the background of the morning’s facts. “As an entrepreneur and as an institutional representative of the territory – he continues – I express my sincere solidarity with the entrepreneur Matteo Tubertini and to the entire company that, with commitment and sacrifice, has made this, which I have been able to know close, a very important economic center, both for the Calabrian territory and at the national and foreign level. “Caffè Guglielmo” and the healthy Calabrian economy need all the closeness possible and the greatest institutional attention, at all levels, for which I will personally work “.

“I hope that the light will be revealed as soon as possible on the pole that affected the grate of the Caffè Guglielmo company at dawn this morning”. This is what he says deputy of the brothers in Italy Wanda Ferro, Secretary of the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission, expresses solidarity with the owners, managers and all employees of the company. «If the hypothesis of the harmful nature of the fire were confirmed – continues Wanda Ferro – it would be the fiftieth attempt to scare one of the most important entrepreneurial realities in Catanzaro and Calabria, which provides work to many families. A brand that has a prestigious tradition behind it and that society recognizes as part of its identity, and that manages to export all over the world, not only its products of excellence, but a positive history of the territory. I hope – he concludes – that the police and the judiciary will be able to identify and bring all the responsible people to justice, also to give a message of confidence in the institutions to all the entrepreneurs who do not bow to crime and who work with persistence. and sacrifice every day for the economic and social growth of Calabria ”

“It hurts to see some pictures, because they come from a symbolic place in that industrious and good Calabria that gives us prestige all over the world. Waiting for the authorities to shed full light on the causes of the disturbing event, I express my deepest solidarity and closeness to the property in the awareness that the company Guglielmo is rightly perceived as a working community to be protected for what it has given, for what it continues to give, and will give, to our land in the form of prestige and virtuous examples ». This was explained by the deputy of the league Domenico Furgiuele. “For this reason, I am convinced – he says – that citizens and institutions will be able to build a wall to support Calabria’s right to development, which is also realized thanks to social, as well as economic values, like Guglielmo”.

“I express my closeness, personal and political, and the solidarity of the Regional Council with the managers of ‘Guglielmo Caffè SpA’ and with the employees of the Stalettì factory, for the great fire that affected one of the largest companies in the Italian south “. He said it regional council chairman Filippo Mancuso: «I am sure – he added – that the investigators will be able to determine the nature of the fire and, if it was malicious, bring the perpetrators to justice. In any case, with the same views as the CEO Matteo Tubertini, I hope that, leaving aside all forms of rhetoric, efforts will be made to ensure the restart of the company founded in 1945 by the entrepreneur Guglielmo Papaleo » .

“First of all, on behalf of Confcommercio Catanzaro, I want to express solidarity and closeness to Caffè Guglielmo for the fire that developed in the Stalettì factory during the night”. This was stated in a note by Pietro Falbo, president of Confcommercio Calabria

“At the same time – continues Pietro Falbo – the possibility that there could be another terrifying attack that would hit, this time, one of the most important companies in Calabria and the emblem of industrial excellence in Catanzaro, would arouse strong concern and indignation , further undermining the resilience in an already fragile economic and entrepreneurial structure. A special thanks goes to the fire department of the Catanzaro command and the Soverato emergency department and to the police who immediately worked to clarify what happened ».

“If it were a cowardly criminal act – concludes Falbo – then we repeat our firm conviction in identifying the complaint as the only concrete reaction that can stop the spread of illegal and criminal phenomena”.

The Extraordinary Commissioner of the Catanzaro Chamber of Commerce, Daniel Rossispoke about the fire that drew in some sheds of the spa company Caffè Guglielmo: “In strongly condemning any act that proves to be harmful and therefore intimidating to any business in the area and thus deeming them unacceptable and cowardly, I want to testify, on behalf of the organization i represent, proximity e solidarity with the company Caffè Guglielmo, to its leaders and administrators and to workers so that they may as soon as possible resume their business, which is so well known and appreciated in our province and beyond ».

«As most will know, moreover the company to which it belongs, yessince its founding, to my family: it will therefore be understood how this circumstance leads me to comment on the facts with a certain emotional commitment, strongly condemning the gesture even in a personal capacity if the harmful matrix was clear, as it seems in these first hours of investigations. I am close to my family directors in the company who is again faced with an event that appears to be harmful. Over the years, similar situations have been faced with calm firmness: I’m sure it will be the same in this case, even in light of the great affection immediately shown by the entire city and by the council. On a personal basis, I would therefore like to thank the police who immediately intervened to restrict the spread of the flames and thus limit the damage from them“.

The President and the Provincial Council of Catanzaro express solidarity and closeness to the company Guglielmo and to all its employees for the heinous and serious episode that affected Copanello’s production facilities and caused considerable damage. A historical company of our production fabric, expression of a brand and a product of excellence that, with determination and business capacity, has become an icon of Calabresi in the world. Persistence, courage and perseverance will still guide the “Guglielmo family”, in its wider socio-economic dimension, towards an immediate resumption of activities, continuing to convey the concrete message of a proud, positive and free Calabria ».

«The fire in the Caffè Guglielmo production plant, in Stalettì, is a blow to the heart of Calabria of work and excellence that goes around the world with an image of professionalism, competence and quality. For this reason, if the malicious hypothesis of the effort were confirmed, the damage suffered by the company would be even more unbearable and hateful. In circumstances like these, without prejudice to the closeness of the top management and the workers, the successive declarations of solidarity are of little use. It is necessary to restore calm to those who work every day to guarantee employment and development in our region, shed full light on what has happened and ensure the necessary support from the institutions ». It was clear from a note from the regional council Antonio Lo Schiavo.


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