Here is the absurd reason why you should NEVER drink coffee before shopping

Interesting new research found that people who consumed caffeine-based products (ie coffee, tea, soft drinks and energy drinks) had more likely to buy impulse goodsthat is, things you do not really need.

Caffeine, as a powerful stimulant, releases dopamine in the brain, which excites the mind and body“said Professor Dipayan Biswas, a researcher at the University of South Florida.”This leads to a higher energy state, which in turn improves impulsivity and reduces self-control.

Experts studied caffeine intake and impulse purchases in two malls. Insiders installed an espresso machine at the entrance to a store in France and Spain they distributed free coffee to more than 300 shopperswho had to share their receipts with the researchers when they left the store.

Half of the buyers were offered a cup of coffee containing about 100 mg of caffeine, while the other control group received decaffeinated or water. Unbelievable, those who took caffeine spent 50% more cash and bought almost 30% more items than those who had not taken on the exciting.

In addition, those who took the drink tended to buy unnecessary items, such as scented candles and scents. However, there was virtually no difference between the two groups when it came to buying useful things. This experiment has also changed online with two hundred students: half of them had to choose which items to buy from a list of 66 products after consuming caffeine, while the other half did not have to consume exciting all day.

The subjects who had taken the stimulant were more likely to choose goods that are considered impulse purchases, while the other group was more likely to choose more practical and useful items. “Although moderate amounts of caffeine can have positive health benefits, consuming caffeine when shopping can have unwanted consequences.“, said Dr. Biswas in the end.

In short, even if the study must be in-depth, we still advise you not to drink coffee before you go shopping. By the way, how does the drink wake us up? The answer is simple.

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