here is the herbal tea that is better than coffee

Drowsiness and fatigue: here is an energizing and coffee substitute herbal tea that can cure them. Discover the recipe!

Energizing herbal tea against fatigue and drowsiness_20220303_leggilo.org_

The arrival of spring is imminent. There are those who tremble and who do not get happy at all: allergy sufferers. In general, seasonal changes are not always well received by everyone. It often happens, even for those who do not show special allergies, to experience negative effects on their physical health. The body may no longer react actively as is usually the case. You constantly feel sluggish and can no longer sleep a wink.

Fatigue when you take it leads to much more effort than usual to stay focused. Coffee really helpsin the morning as soon as you wake up, to recharge your energy to better meet the day. To counteract fatigue and drowsiness, due to seasonal changes and was also due to other factors related to daily life, you can also choose an energizing herbal tea. Let’s find out together.

Fatigue and drowsiness: energizing herbal tea. Drink it instead of coffee

Energizing herbal tea for fatigue and drowsiness
Guarana is one of the two ingredients in herbal tea. Discover the other! _20220303_leggilo.org_

With the herbal tea we offer you, the “wake up” effect will be guaranteed! It is a mixture of two ingredients that are available in herbal medicine. The first is guarana. A concentrate of caffeine that occurs in nature in the form of red seeds. Sold in powder form, it gets a brownish color. In addition to reducing the feeling of exhaustion, both physically and mentally, it also has other beneficial properties for the body.

The other ingredient is ginseng. Useful to reduce the feeling of fatigue and increase concentration and physical endurance. Now that you’ve discovered the ingredients, you just have to find out how to mix them to create this very useful “energy drink”. Here is the recipe!


  • 200 ml of water
  • 0.25 gr guarana (in powder)
  • ginseng 1 or 2 gr (dried root) 2 discs (fresh root)
  • pieces of orange peel (to taste)


Pour the water into the saucepan and let it boil. Close the fire and mix both ginseng and guarana inside. Let soak for 7 minutes keep it closed with a lid. After the time, filter the mixture and sweeten to taste.

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