Historic cafes in Italy: 15 places of other times for a break

Refined and full of atmosphere, this is a stop not to be missed when visiting the big cities. A destination for artists and intellectuals, writers and painters, musicians and entrepreneurs, the ancient cafes of Italy are also witnesses to antiquity. In some cases, history has passed in front of their counters.

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The designation of the historical local association in Italy

Italy is full of these elegant historical places, very special.

Not only cafes, but also hotels, restaurants, patisseries, patisseries and flasks. With an average age of 150, they have survived world wars, natural disasters, economic crises and now even a pandemic.

Their tenacious resistance will be celebrated on its occasion National Day of Historic Sites in Italythe annual meeting with the symbolic places of recurring culture and history Saturday 1 October.

The event, organized byItalian Historical Local Association which publishes the homonymous Guide every two years, currently counts approx 80 meetings in one small part of the more than 200 places of worship in our country.

The program of the event (constantly updated) is on Localistorici.it

The most beautiful historic cafes in Italy

But let’s go back to the counter and to perfumes of espresso just served in the cups.

Where are they and what can you taste in the most beautiful historic cafes in Italy? We have selected fifteen, from north to south, where you can still breathe the atmosphere of the past, (as well as taste extraordinary excellence to drink or eat). We present them to you in this gallery, starting from the north, from Piedmont.

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First stop from Mulassano, to Turin

And let’s start with the first one, which is Mulassano (Turin) in the picture above.

This cafe in Turin is located at piazza Castello 15 where the sandwich was born, still today the main specialty of the house offered in thirty varieties.

Coffee and cappuccino also go well with a breakfast that includes, among other things, French croissants and mini croissants. For teatime there is hot chocolate prepared according to Piedmont tradition with hand-whipped Chantilly cream, or bicerin, the typical Turin drink.

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For an aperitif, there are hot pizzas, pretzels and Mulassano Spritz. A small environment, that of Mulassano coffee, but welcoming and elegant, with atmospheres that bring back to the past, where there is no lack of details, including the elegant liberty decorations, bronze, brass and wood in the boiserie, the coffered ceiling, the mirrors and the marble counter where you can ‘it is a marble and bronze fountain which gives water before the coffee.

You can breathe the air of the nineteenth century in this corner of Turin where prominent personalities including many names in cinema loved to stay.




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