How can you increase your life expectancy? Do not give up the coffee

There are those who say it is good, those who describe it as the evil of the century, those who completely eliminate it from their lives and then there are scientists who try to analyze coffee with a critical eye and who discover that this drink, so loved by Italians , could help us live longer.

The custom of drinking coffee did not originate in Italy, but it was in Naples that “cuccumella” was invented, a rudimentary form of the traditional moka, which was then improved and proposed on the market in 1933 by Alfonso Bialetti, and is still in our nation, especially in Turin, which in the early 20th century began to talk about espresso, thanks to the idea of ​​Angelo Moriondo, who created a machine that could use water pressure to make coffee.

From the beginning, this complex technology was reserved for bars, later on the market, espresso machines were placed for home use, which today can be bought in the most well-known store chain that deals with technology, to understand what we are talking about, you can consult the flyer Mediavärlden.

Over the years, the consumption of a cup of coffee has been described by some doctors as beneficial, by others as harmful to health. Recent studies on the subject seem to be consistent with those who believe that coffee can have beneficial effects on the individual’s life.

In particular, a recent observational study conducted by a team of Chinese researchers analyzed a sample of 171,000 Britons over 10 years. The result? Individuals who normally drank coffee had a 20% lower risk of dying.

Another study called “Drinking coffee daily can benefit your heart and help you live longer – here’s how much you drink” comes from the University of Melbourne. Researchers say that coffee drinks reduce the risk of heart disease and help us live longer. The fact that caffeine can increase heart rate has led doctors to associate coffee with heart disease. Dr. Kistler, author of the study, on the other hand, confirms that coffee has a neutral, if not actually beneficial effect on heart disease.

According to the WHO report on life expectancy and mortality, Italy is the country in the world where population aging is most intense and fastest, these data are not directly linked to the fact that we Italians love coffee. but recent research may prompt researchers to make such an analysis and to look for a link between life expectancy and coffee consumption.

But what security do we have so far about coffee and its benefits?

EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) has dedicated a page on its website to caffeine, its effects and contraindications. According to the European Agency, caffeine increases mental clarity by reducing sleepiness. The maximum daily consumption should be about 400 mg per day, about 3/4 coffee.

The Higher Institute of Health tells us that the beneficial effects of coffee can be many such as: making us feel less tired, promoting concentration, improving mood and increasing physical and mental performance.

Recent studies offer a new life to coffee by increasingly praising its benefits and re-evaluating its side effects. If, according to popular tradition, one apple a day keeps the doctor away, science can soon tell us that even one coffee a day keeps the doctor away, which increases our life expectancy.

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