How many coffees can you drink a day? The expert explains the answer, absurd

In addition to being a strong flavored beverage, coffee can also provide a number of benefits to the human body. But we all know that if the smallest dose of caffeine can help us work better and keep our hands fit, it is best not to exceed the number of cups of coffee per day, otherwise you will experience restlessness, anxiety, tremors.

Too many cups of coffee?

Do you feel upset, stressed and sleepless? This may be due to excessive consumption of coffee, especially the alkaloids or caffeine it contains. Small doses of this substance help us focus, stay active and awake and, when taken in large amounts, it acts on the nervous system and body and causes side effects such as tremors and tremors.
If you are a regular coffee drinker, you will drink too many cups and feel a little high and in the worst case, your doctor will advise you to reduce your daily coffee intake, if not stop it completely.

Before you rush to vote for the mildest decaffeinated (in this case, we recommend a good grounded pasqualini decaffeinated suede), read here: There is no reason to stop drinking coffee altogether, just in moderation.

Research conducted over the years has actually highlighted the great health benefits of drinking coffee in moderation, reducing the likelihood of developing diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and depression, and even prolonging life, it is important to keep it within a certain amount.

How many cups of coffee can you drink per day?

The European Food Safety Authority EFSA has decided to go all the way and has finally provided some answers to many people’s doubts: you can read in the “Scientific Opinion on the safety of caffeine research”, the authority explained in a document: More than a hundred pages show that the side effects of caffeine across the border are 4 cups a day, or 400 mg / day.
The figures shown are relative as they are based on statistical averages: the correct dose will vary depending on gender, age, building and health status. Even interesting conditions such as pregnancy can change the maximum limits or pathologies and diseases such as high blood pressure or heart disease. The number of cups depends on the preparation of the coffee: Americano has a larger portion, but has less caffeine due to the presence of water. Instead, our beloved espresso is a small concentrate of caffeine.

Be careful with other drinks

We have already mentioned that 3-4 cups of coffee, or 400 mg, is the daily limit, so adults of medium size and in good health will not experience side effects. However, we must not forget that coffee is not the only food with caffeine: there are many other foods that we consume every day without thinking. This includes cola, tea and all energy drinks. When calculating the amount of caffeine consumed in a day, do not forget!
The EFSE study is certainly interesting, it answers the question of how much coffee you can drink per day, but the ancient Romans already gave the answer: “In medio stat virtus”, which means “virtue is in the middle”. Drinking coffee in moderation is the real secret to enjoying coffee to the fullest and reaping the rewards without encountering problems.

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