How many types of coffee capsules are there? Between system and compatibility, let’s clarify

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The coffee capsules, today there are so many. Choosing the most suitable does not only mean identifying the product with the best compromise between quality and price, but also compatibility guaranteeif you choose brands other than those from your machine’s factory.

If you are new to this world and want to better understand how the coffee capsule market works, the first important thing to know is that you can choose from a variety of options at very different prices and qualities. Let’s see together how to identify the most balanced product and above all, more satisfying for your taste and your budget.

The main systems for coffee capsule machines

Currently, there are many systems of coffee machines and, among the most famous, we mention Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, A Modo Mio, Uno System and Caffitaly. These companies differ not so much in quality or excellence but in the type of machines and therefore in the shape of the capsules with which we can prepare espresso, hot drinks, herbal teas and teas.

The choice between one or the other system is therefore it’s not so much a matter of taste because, as we will see, there are many options to choose from to buy pods. What changes is the design of the machine and the extra functions as well as the energy consumption, the type of maintenance required and so on.

How to choose the most suitable machine?

So far we have mostly talked about personal taste factors. After all, the wide range on the market makes it possible for all consumers to identify the most satisfactory system based on their expectations.

That is why it is important to know that some brands are more suitable for “coffee purists” while others, such as Dolce Gusto, also allow you to prepare other drinks such as gianduia, pistachio or almond macaroon.

Machines such as Nespresso, Caffitaly, A Modo Mio and Uno SystemInstead, they come from companies specialized in the production of coffee and that is why they are more dedicated to traditional espresso. That is why they are designed for those who love to taste different espresso blends and do not need extra functions to prepare cappuccino or other delicious and chocolate drinks.

The variety of capsules and capsules available in the market

From a point of view taste, instead we must first distinguish the official capsules from the compatible ones which, as you can imagine, are not the same thing. The first are actually the capsules or pods that are produced and marketed directly by the main brands of coffee machines. This means that you will always find matching capsules and capsules to choose from the most popular systems such as Dolce Gusto, A Modo Mio, Nespresso and so on.

The official capsules they are combined with packages and sales promotions, especially valid for the purchase of the machinery. These allow you to benefit from the brand’s guaranteed compatibility and reliability, but are definitely not the cheapest option.

It is true that when choosing food or drink to bring to the table, we should never pay attention to the price, but it is also true that the purchase of capsules and capsules is continuous over time, so it would be preferable to identify products at the best way. quality / price ratio. ?

What is important to know about the compatible capsules?

We refer to compatible capsulesthat is, those produced by other companies such as NeroRistretto that offer quality and competitive prices as well as the highest level of compatibility with all the most popular coffee machine systems on the market.

Thanks to the compatible capsules, it is possible save money on continuous purchases of short and long term, benefit from quality and reliability as much as that offered by official products.

Choosing one option or the other is a matter of concern the cost and variety of flavors which we intend to try. The price is important but so are other aspects such as the quality of the ingredients, the presence of many options to satisfy all tastes and the origin of the ingredients.

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