How to drink coffee and not get fat, the dietitian’s advice not to overdo it

It is not too high in calories, taken individually, but coffee must be drunk in a certain way in order not to gain weight: advice from the dietitian.

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It is not too high in calories, taken alone, but the coffee must be drunk in a certain manner not to gain weight: the dietitian’s advice. The drink most loved by the Italians, which we are proud of. Every day we consume it in industrial quantities, but how can we not give up the precious caffeine and at the same time not gain weight? Maybe for us such advice is taken for granted, but for other people it is not.

A dietitian gives advice on how to drink coffee. On the other hand, if caffeine helps metabolism, reduces the feeling of hunger and has several benefits, it should not be abused. Three or four cups of coffee a day is good, but it is the whole contour which makes us gain weight. What we supplement the coffee with is essential, so let’s see what the dietitian recommends.

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The dietitian’s advice on how to drink coffee without gaining weight

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The most trivial piece of advice of all? Drink coffee black and bitter, sugar free or otherwise, is the healthiest way to take it and enjoy its benefits. Low in calories, rich in antioxidants, caffeine helps us lose weight. Sugar is the ingredient we care about, or cream. These two ingredients should be banned with coffee.

Instead of cream and sugar, we can add cinnamon, which is light, fragrant and gives that extra touch to the drink. This is especially exceptional in American coffee. Cinnamon also provides important nutrients for the body, such as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.

And instead of cream or whole milk? If we really can not do without it, let’s add rice milk, or soy. Maybe the taste changes a little, but you become less oily. However, it’s just a matter of habit.

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Finally, there is a trick that not everyone knows. Especially for those who work out in the gym and for those who drink American coffee, it’s just to add protein powder in American coffee to provide an extra energy charge, early in the morning. Adding protein powder to coffee is a good habit to give the body energy and without gaining weight.

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