How to recycle chocolate from Easter eggs: TikTok’s best recipe

From cakes to brownies, from tiramisu to cakes, here’s how to recycle Easter egg chocolate to make delicious candies that will conquer both adults and children

Eggs are a fantastic Easter classic, but what to do with the (almost always) leftover chocolate? Be careful not to throw it away, you can actually recycle it to prepare delicacies designed to conquer the palate of young and old. From cakes to brownies, from tiramisu to strudel.

Here is a selection of prescription super delicious to make with chocolate Easter eggs.

Super soft chocolate cake

To prepare a chocolate cake with a very soft heart, you only need 200 grams of dark chocolate left over from the eggs, 200 grams of butter, 150 grams of brown sugar, 80 grams of flour, 1 pinch of salt, 4 eggs and unsweetened cocoa.

Melt the chopped chocolate and butter in a double boiler, mix well, add sugar and flour, continue to mix and add the eggs, finally a pinch of salt.

All you need to do is pour the mixture into a well-greased form with a diameter of 20 cm. Bake at 200 degrees for 20 minutes. When cooked, sprinkle the cake with bitter cocoa.

Chocolate strudel

With the leftover chocolate, you can make a lightning-fast strudel. Just roll out the puff pastry on a plate, make oblique cuts on both long sides and place the chocolate pieces in the middle.

Close the cone, brush with a little oil and bake. As soon as it is golden on the surface, you can enjoy it alone or in company!

Chocolate coffee

Have you ever tried chocolate coffee? It takes a while to prepare. Just place a piece of recycled egg on top of a cup, place it under the coffee machine on the special machine and let the heat from the drink melt it.

Chocolate cakes with maldon salt

The chocolate left over from the eggs is also suitable for making delicious cakes. 150 grams butter, 50 grams granulated sugar, 120 grams whole cane sugar (preferably white), 5 grams sodium bicarbonate, 3 grams Maldon salt, 30 grams bitter cocoa, 175 grams enough with 00 flour.

Mix the ingredients, chop the dark chocolate made from eggs (it takes 150 grams), add them to the mixture and mix well. Make chocolate balls and bake them at 170 degrees in a static oven for 16 minutes.

Tiramisu with chocolate and coffee

Tiramisu with chocolate and coffee, how about trying? You can prepare it with 150 grams of Greek yogurt, 10 grams of rapé coconut, 1 teaspoon coconut cream, Pavesini, natural sweetener of your choice, dark chocolate made on Easter eggs, coffee.

Prepare the cream by mixing the specified ingredients, then put Pavesini soaked in coffee in a cup and add a layer of cream and a few drops of chocolate. Add another layer of Pavesini soaked in coffee, a layer of cream and finally the melted dark chocolate. Set in the freezer for a few minutes and sprinkle the dessert with coconut flakes.

Chocolate brownies

Making brownies with recycled chocolate is child’s play by following cooker.girl’s tips. All you need is melted butter, whole brown sugar, eggs, a pinch of salt, vanilla extract, baking soda poured into a bowl of flour, chopped Easter eggs. Mix everything, put in the oven and voila, the brownies are ready!

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