How to reuse coffee capsules in a more than brilliant way

C.necklaces, earrings, garlands, headbands, here are many and unexpected creative reuse of coffee capsules and capsules

How to reuse coffee capsules and the capsules? Practical and comfortable, they are now widespread everywhere, used both at home and in the office. But what happens to them once they are consumed? We usually throw them in the trash, why not try to recycle them creatively, avoid waste and blink at the environment?

We can make necklaces, garlands, earrings, keychains and much more from them. Before you begin, however, a little clarification: the capsules themselves differ from capsules, both in shape and material, although the term is often used to indicate both. In fact, if the capsules are made of paper and have to be thrown away, the capsules are made of plastic or aluminum, and pollute a lot. All the more reason to learn to reuse them creatively and avoid waste.

Do-it-yourself wreath

With the old ones coffee capsules you can make very original DIY wreaths. All you need are used coffee capsules, hot glue, colored beads, cardboard, ribbon or string, scissors.

  • After washing, emptying and drying the recycled capsules well, you need to crush them with a glass and fold them in half, shaping each with your hands into a petal.
  • Once you have made 4-5 petals, add them with hot glue to form the flowers. Do more because you need to have enough to cover the entire wreath.
  • Add a bead of your favorite color to the center of each flower.
  • Draw a circle of the desired size and a slightly smaller inner circle on the cardboard. Cut out the inside with scissors, so that only the crown that is to be the base of the wreath remains. Make a small hole in the top.
  • Glue the flowers to the wreath with hot glue, distribute them evenly until it is completely covered.
  • Finally, pass the ribbon or string through the small hole made in the top of the wreath and hang it on the door or wall.


As we have seen, the manufacture of one capsule flower it is very simple and intuitive. And with flowers you can not only make home decorations, such as wreaths, but also create a beautiful one handmade necklaces.

How? Simply, by making a small hole in the top of a petal and passing through it a string for a necklace or a simple neutral or colored cotton thread, depending on your preferences.

Floral headband

A single flower is enough to personify and make a regular original headband. All you need to do is make a flower according to the procedure described in the first paragraph and then apply it with hot glue on the headband that will be like new in no time!

Which headband should you use? It does not matter, the most important thing is to fix the flower well so that it can not come loose from the support. The only suggestion, choose a headband of a color that harmonizes with the coffee capsule, given that the light shades stand out on both a dark and lighter base. To you the choice!

DIY earrings

You want a pair handmade earrings not available elsewhere? Nothing better than reusing coffee capsules, a small organic gesture that is good for the environment, the pockets and the aesthetics!

  • Get 4 capsules and crush them using a simple glass. Take two and glue them on top of each other with hot glue. Continue in the same way with the other pair of capsules.
  • Alternatively, if you prefer the spiral shape, you can cut two waffles on one side and roll each one on itself.
  • Make a small hole in the top of each earring. All that remains is to put in the hooks and the hook.

Candle holder

With recycled capsules and a little ingenuity, you can make original candle holder do it yourself.

  • Get at least 8 capsules of the same color, crush them and fold them slightly in the middle, but without matching the two parts. You need to get a leaf shape.
  • Use a pair of pliers and make small folds on the edge of each capsule.
  • With hot glue, apply each sheet to the edge of a cork, to cover the entire perimeter. The lid on any jar is good.
  • Create another 8 leaves with capsules of a different color of your choice. Apply them on top of the previous ones and reveal them below.
  • If you think it fits, create a third layer of the same color as the previous one.
  • Finally, add the candle in the middle of the composition.

Original keychain

Nothing can be easier than making one look good keychain with recycled capsules. All you need is a crushed capsule and a basic keychain with chain. The ring at the base of the chain must be opened and inserted into the special hole that you made on top of the crushed capsule.

If you want, you can further customize the keychain by wrapping the capsules with the beads. In this case, you need to get beads with a hole, so that you can pass a string through them, and glue a crushed capsule on the other, but not before you have inserted the string between the two. By doing so, along the cord, you can add beads and capsules as desired, making your personal keychain more or less long.

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