I don’t want to cry but we had to raise the price of coffee and pastries.”

SANTA GIUSTINA – «I don’t want to cry, for I have never cried in my life: I have always been jealous, and now I do not want to pity. But it is getting harder and harder to do our job, he says Riccardo Minellaof the ice cream parlor La Briciola of via Trevigiana a Santa Giustina. The bill of 10 thousand euros arrived for the period July, tripled compared to the previous year, does not make you sleep peacefully. “We always try to do better and satisfy as many customers as possible, but it’s hard: a lot”. Minella, 60, who started as an entrepreneur when she was 23, also owns the restaurant Baby B in via Feltre in Sedico and employs 25 people.

“We have done everything for save energy – he explains – considering the period at the end here is the result: here at Briciola we have consumed 5 and a half percent less and we have spent triple the money. At Bribano konditori we saved 19.50% and spent 240% more than last year. They are accounts that are truly terrifying ». «Fortunately, we have been on the market for 38 years – continues Minella – and we work like mules: we try to save on everything, except on the quality of the raw materials. But now there are three ways: either you lower the quality and save on raw materials, which is not our style, and it is a solution that we have discarded by default, or you think of other solutions ».

«It is not even possible – reflects the entrepreneur – to keep the prices as they are, because the company is running at a loss. At this point, the only solution was to adjust the prices slightly only 10 cents on coffee or pastries to be able to parry the blow in the hope that things will work out ». So the coffee in the bar has risen to one euro and 30 from the 1.20 it cost and the pastries to 1.20. «Customers have noticed, but they have understood – the confectioner continues -. People have also understood the increases because of this, because it’s not like you can do much: we sell emotions, the person who goes to the bar and takes the pasta does it to pamper himself. It’s not like you can exaggerate when adjusting prices, we’re not in town ».

“It’s been years since the pandemic started as we are under stress – Minella remembers -. I like the job, I have done it for 38 years with passion, but the last few times have been challenging. We are lucky that we have had the staff with us for many years and my two children who join me in the family. In short, I am not alone and when one gets discouraged, it is the other who pulls him up. There are many of us and we help each other. But I see the future as bleak. The August bill will be even worse, as the energy has increased further we expect a worse hit. How about winter? How do you lower the heat to 18 degrees in a pastry shop? How do you eat in the cold? I would like to see who says these in his house where he keeps the thermostat.


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