“I miss Starace’s coffee, on Neapolitan music…”

Lorenzo Insigne with the new Toronto shirt does not forget his Naples, from Starace’s coffee to Neapolitan music.

Lorenzo Insigne is increasingly becoming the leader of Torontothe previous captain of Napoli little by little he adapts to life away from his beloved Naples, but there are things that cannot be found in Canda such as Tommaso Starace’s coffee.
The magnificence to the microphones of TLN, a Canadian television channel, spoke about MLS and of course Naples:

Here it’s a bit complicated because it’s a completely different type of game, a different mentality, more relaxation, but I’m settling in and I hope to be 100% as soon as possible because my teammates need me. I’m still unprepared and I’m coming from an injury, I’m trying to get to 100% as quickly as possible.

Who am I most associated with? Beyond Criscito it’s at Bernardeschi who are Italian like me, I struggle a bit because I don’t speak English very well yet, but I try every day to talk a little with everyone.

But I have a good relationship with Chris Mavinga, he helps me, he’s a good guy, the others do too. I am trying to learn English as fast as possible. I know it’s not easy, but I’m working hard.

I try to understand, even the coach and captain Michael (Bradley, ex Roma, ed.) helps me a lot, this is important for me because it makes me feel good. After being on the field I feel better“.

Signature goal against ‘Higuain’, commentators spellbound by Magnifico’s volley – VIDEO


Lorenzo Insigne is reminded that the unofficial anthem of the Europeans won by Italy was a piece proposed to the exhaustion of the Neapolitan, ultimately also memorized by his companion, or “Ma vilchen diet”, with the incipit “m piacn e polpett , m piac a cotolett “that ended up infecting many fans during the magical summer.

In Toronto, things are a little different, as Lorenzo says: “No, no, there are other guys who DJ. I can’t play a lot of Neapolitan music because then they don’t understand anything. I also don’t understand when English music starts, but let’s do little and little come on. If I like Toronto music, Drake and The Weeknd? Yes, I like it a lot and I listen a lot“.

Flags paying tribute to Insigne on the seats at Toronto Stadium on the day of his debut


“The coffee? I miss Tommaso (the lager from Napoli who prepared it every day, ed.), but the president has put in a coffee machine. I really appreciated his gesture, it’s good, but I miss Tommaso’s suede, which is unbeatable “.

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