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What are the issues at the next consultation and what the Senate Vice President said

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“I do strike of hunger for the wall of silence has come down on referendum on Justice. “Two thirds of Italians do not even know it is a June 12 vote, let alone if they know the questions.”

Roberto said so Calderoli, Vice President of the Senate. The Northern League spoke at the headquarters of the Radical Party.

Senate Vice President hunger strike: for Northern League there is a risk of “a democratic emergency”

For Calderoli, the risk is that “one”emergency democratic latent “added to the” many “national and international Italian emergencies” in which the minimum conditions for the exercise of such an important constitutional right, such as the referendum, were degraded or even jeopardized “.

The responsibility, for the politician, must also be placedexecutivewhich should have made a better thoughtful choice to cancel date and off modality of the same consultation.

The problem for the Vice-President of the Legislative Assembly would be to have limited the consultation to a single day, plus the Sunday immediately following the summer closure of the schools. “This makes that silence informative we are witnessing “.

Referendum June 12, What Calderoli will eat: “Three coffees a day”, a tribute to Pannella

Hence the choice to put the spotlight on the referendum through such strike of hunger. To Corriere della Sera, who met a Calderoli gag and with a referendum shirt the senator said he will only take “three coffee per day “. The election is reminiscent of the battles in Pannellaas in the newspaper Calderoli openly praised: “From a communications master like him, there is only to learn”.

Senate Vice President Roberto Calderoli.Image source: ANSA

Senate Vice President Roberto Calderoli.

What are the issues in the next referendum: they apply to the Severino law, revolving doors for judges and CSM

I am three the questions of referendum June 12: the first question applies Severino lag on incapacity, unsuitability and automatic confiscation for members of parliament, government members, regional councils, mayors and local administrators in sentencing for serious crimes.

The second referendum question concerns the current possibility of the so-called “revolving doors“for Judge who at the moment can choose between a career as a public prosecutor and as a judge, with the possibility to change function up to a maximum of 4 times, if the conditions are met. The initiators, on the other hand, intend to request a decision on the separation of careers.

Finally, citizens are encouraged to comment on their candidacies Give advice Superior of Judicial. In particular, in the event of a “yes”, the current obligation for a judge to collect from 25 to 50 signatures to present his candidacy to the CSM will be revoked.

roberto calderoli

Image source: ANSA

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