Iced coffee, the absurd discovery about him: the incredible truth

Iced coffee: the absurd discovery that upsets Italy. A truth that makes everyone speechless

Coffee: the most beloved drink of Italians, the variant with ice from Pixabay

Also we know, coffee is a beloved beverage in our country. Loved and consumed in abundance Surprising every day, now represents a ritual at different times of the day and at different times. Coffee can be one paustid from a moment of study or work, a break with the outside world, the moment you relax sipping on it without thinking about anything. Coffee is great idea to meet the people you love, even if it’s for a few minutes. But what do we know about the consumption of this drink cold? Let’s find out more.

Iced coffee: the discovery of it

coffee cream
Coffee Cream: Fresh and creamy ideal for summer from Pixabay

As already mentioned this spring Country we are very used to consuming coffee, in many ways. It also represents a very good one ingredient when preparing desserts, ice creams and even delicious snacks, both in winter and in summer. In the period summerwhen the temperature is high and the heat is an enemy, often we prefer take cold coffee. Sure are hot coffee lovers difficult to convince, but in reality this drink turns out to be so much loved then, cold or hot, does not matter. They are also available many ways to make good iced coffee.

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It is possible derive from it a cream, add cream to desserts, or simply add cubes of is. There are those who love to add it yoghurt white, or who simply prefer the drink to be cooled and it is no longer hot. We all havehabitin the summer, to prepare coffee and add what we can not drink gradually in a bottle to stick to freshto then be able to sip on it when we have it wishes.

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But what is it effects of cold coffee on our body? First of all, it’s good Underlining that coffee, because it contains caffeine, is a drink that should not be to abuse regardless. As for the coffee intake coldsome argue that it is much more “harmful” to ours body, especially in people suffering from gastrointestinal problems. Others, however, claim to drink cold coffee after meals enable better digestion. When you are unsure, it is always good not to enamored the recommended doses of 3 coffee a day, whether it’s the classic hot coffee, or the cold.

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