Ikea recalls coffee machine for risk of outbreak

Ikea reminds of coffee maker of the line Metallic due to the risk of cracking during use. In addition Ministry of Health reminds of organic strawberry jam for physical risk. In fact, there may be plastic fragments inside the latter. Of course, Ikea announces that for both products it will be possible to get a refund by returning them to the store. Here you will find more information about the exact brand, the number of batches and the expiration date.

Coffee makers risk cracking

There is the recall from Ikea of coffee maker of the line 0.4 liters Metallic with safety valve in stainless steel. These coffee machines have as production numbers those between 2040 and 2204 and therefore with production dates between October 2020 and January 2022. The risk is outbreaks during use. Those who own them may not use them and contact Ikea for a full refund. The Swedish company has personal safety as the highest priority and therefore recalls these Metallic coffee makers from the market. The risk of explosion, Ikea explains in a note, has increased as a result of the modification of the material and the manufacturing process of the safety valve. That is why only products with a gray / silver colored safety valve in stainless steel are subject to recall. The latter therefore does not affect the other units. You can make the return in any Ikea store where you get the full refund for which a receipt is not required. For more information, the company urges you to contact customer service on the toll-free number 800.924646.

The recall of the Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health reminds marmalade marketed by Ikea of ​​Sweden Ab di organic strawberries at 400 grams.

The sales name is SYLT JORDGUBB organic strawberry jam, 400 and the manufacturer’s name is HAFI, Hallands Fruktindustri AB. The production batches are as follows: 2023-03-01, 2023-03-02, 2023-03-03 and 2023-03-28 while the expiration date or minimum storage time is 2023-03-01, 2023-03-02, 2023-03-03 and 2023-03-28.
The reason for the recall is the possible presence of plastic fragments in the specified lots for which the recommendation is not to consume the product. You must then bring it back to the store to get a full refund. Nor in this case is it necessary to have a receipt.

Photo: Ikea’s official website
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