Il Cucinino, customized coffee and tasty suggestions for every hour

In Sant’Arcangelo di Romagna a welcoming place that offers delicious recipes full of the authentic flavors of the territory

Kitchenette: the name already underlines the imprint of a modern, linear and welcoming placewhere every proposal smells of the magical place where many in their childhood helped the most expert hands prepare delicious recipes full of local flavors.

The same that can be found in the large menu of the restaurant facing the central square of Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN), with suggestions for every moment of the day: breakfast and brunch, lunch, snack and aperitif, dinner. Breakfast is mostly eaten at the table and the offer extends until noon, with sweet and savory options. “We have a patisserie and an open kitchen, everything is homemade – he says Mirko Di Bella, local manager -. We traveled abroad and inspired by international dishes, adapted with the products from our country. A couple of examples are plum cake with squacquerone and muffins with peaches typical of Cesena, which are flanked by the more classic versions. Breakfast undoubtedly plays a fundamental role in our business, but customers also like to stop for a snack, for example to enjoy our homemade granola served with low-fat yogurt and fresh berries“.

When it goes in, it hits display of desserts, colorful and well maintained; there is never a shortage of focaccia and homemade bread, offered for breakfast toasted with peanut butter and organic jam of your choice or, in the English breakfast, with arugula, sausage, grilled bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes browned with herbs, baked beans and omelette with thyme and in many other versions. It continues with cheesecakes, dried fruit combined with cereals, pancakes and waffles; most of the suggestions also have a vegan version. The menu is enriched with Saturday to Sunday when the main character is brunch.

There is one at the bar espresso machine Street the La Marzocco and a form Modest for filter extraction, which are in great demand. The base blend (90% Arabica, 10% Robusta) was added tap with a local roaster, always flanked by a specialty from a rotating Italian micro-roaster.

Mirko Di Bella is responsible for the premises and takes care of the cafeteria; is a co-owner of Il Cucinino with Federica Zammarchiresponsible for events, while the kitchen is managed by David Belli.

kitchenette – piazza Ganganelli 14 – Santarcangelo di Romagna – RN – Formula cafeteria, restaurant – Surface 130 sqm interior + exterior area – Seats 45 internal + 45 external – Opening hours summer: e.gevery day 7-24; winter 7-16 – Prices (euro) 1.20 blend, 1.50 100% Arabica coffee, 1.50 cappuccino, 3.50-4 V60, aeropress, cold brew – Average receipt for breakfast (euro) 8-9 international customers, 2.5-3 Italian customers.

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